In meditation you are deliberately making an effort to overcome this condition.  You watch yourself using the methods we have discussed and you relax each part of your body.  Slowly you learn the art of relaxing with your awareness and attention.  Then visualize yourself, become your own observer.  See your face, your nose, your Shintom your hands, how you are sitting.  Many people are drooping, walking around with their heads down, afraid and ashamed.  They do not use their sine properly and turn their faces upward in a natural way.  Our face is meant to look toward the sun, stars and moon.  Man is the only creature whose face naturally looks upward; all the animals look only downward or at best straight ahead.  As human look only downward or at best straight ahead.  As human beings we have gained the upward glance.  If we cast our faces down, we are not able to see anything or anyone eye to eye.

            If you watch yourself and are pleased with yourself you are pleased with the world.  When you are not pleased with yourself, you hide from people.  You won’t look directly into their eyes, because you can’t lookdirectly into your own eyes.  If you know how to look into your own eyes directly, then you are able to do the same with everyone.  The main conviction you need is for you own self.  You don’t need to convince anybody else.  You don’t want to prove anything to the world.  You have tried for so many years to go that without any success.  Now in meditation, you are looking inward.  You are observing yourself, stepping back, stepping out and seeing yourself.  This is a basic part of meditation. 

                Next watch your breath and begin to count your inhalation and exhalation.  You take a deep breath and your whole body becomes like a balloon with fresh oxygen Each cell must get the touch of this fresh breath.  If you keep a window partly open,, a little fresh air comes.  It should not be too much of a draft, however; just a very smooth, gentle current cooling you down. Then you do “Hirm” several times and raise your energy upward.  Then you use the mantram.  Inhale with “vee” and exhale with “rum”; come with “vee” and go with “rum.” Experience the beautiful rhythm of your breath.  Or you can use “so” while inhaling and “hum” with exhaling.  Your develop a slow steady rhythm which relaxes your tension and enables you to wear a natural smile.

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