Meditation and the Art of Communication 

Your friends will begin to notice the change in you.  They will think:  “What is this something new in him?”  You are wearing something beautiful; as you wear perfume, good clothes or ornaments, now you are becoming inner poised.  You are not in a hurry to voice opinion.  You are able to listen; you have patience so that when you friends want to say something, you are ready to listen to them.  Previously you were intervening in their conversations.  Before they were finished you would interrupt to state your opinion.  Now you are not same person.  You say,  “I am not in a hurry.  Let the person be ready to hear me.  If the person is not ready, bywords are not so cheap to be wasted by voicing them when they wil not heard.”  Now we don’t value our words.  We go on popping them out whether the person is listening or not.  We speak so fast that before the person digests the words, another sentence springs to from us.  We don’t allow any time for them to digest what we say.  Even when you pour something into a bottle, you have to pour it slowly or it will overflow or miss the bottle.  This is the new approach in your life. 

            You also know another secret—how to encourage the person to listen to your words and your feelings.  How?  The best way is to empty that person first.  Then you can pour your own thoughts in.  That is the art.  But if you go on pouring before the person has emptied, it will overflow and what you have poured will be lost.  This meditation teaches you to be patient.  It gives you insight to listen.  When that person knows that he has told you what he wanted to say, he gets a kind of satisfaction.  With that degree of contentment, in that happy mood, whatever you say goes directly in and stays.  You have also had the time to think more exactly, and to gauge the mood of the person.  Once you know his or her mood, you may say exactly what you want to say.  You will have the last word. 

            In this way meditation helps you to build a beautiful communication, conversation and communion.  Your friends will notice the change in you and ask you about the cause.  You will be a new person, and the will try to be like you, instead of you being like them.  It should not be an obsession to make others like you, but it is your happiness to share what you have received, like perfume, with others.  You share this new experience of poise and people will like it. 

            When you have broken the pattern of tension, you are in tune with your breath and you have insight.  A new philosophy of life has come to you.  You recognize that you are not this or that byproduct of the society in which you are living.  Your real self is that which is happy, flowing, natural and communicating.  The tension, the hurry, the resentment is not you, but old conditioning that is eroding.  You feel sobum—that you are the real self, and you enjoy that instinctive inner happiness that is your true nature. 

            Now you see through the façade you have become accustomed to wearing.  You say,  “Inside I am beautiful.”  That philosophy will make you a different person.  You will  have some inner sight, inner light, inner awareness and inner strength.  You still live in the world, but with different awareness.  When any tension or pressure from society comes near you, you know how to duck and let the pressure go overhead.  When you are swimming in the ocean, you know how to flow with the water so the waves do not drown you.  If you become stiff the wave will overturn you.  The rush of water pressure will somersault you.  If you become flexible, pliable, then you are moving with the flow.  Meditation is much the same.  You become flexible and start flowing.  The inside stiffness is gone.  You should meditate on this process.  You are experiencing how to make life more patient, flowing, calm and creative without tension.  You are learning how to live.  We learn the art of living that is meditation.

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