Guided Meditation: Experiencing Light and Life

             We are now ready to practice another meditation. We are learning to experience the flow of energy in our body from toe to head.  We are seeking to be completely flowing and balanced.  This meditation can be done in three ways.  In the first method, you read through this section of the book and note the techniques used.  Then you may mentally repeat the process and experience the meditation.  Second, some may find it effective to tape record the guided instructions and play them back during the meditation.  Finally; you may do this meditation with a partner or group in which one person acts as the guide and takes the others through the meditation.     

             The purpose of this meditation is to experience the flow of light which is moving in your body and to enable you to realize youo real nature.  If you practice this meditation, you will be able to heal your body with this light, with this concentration and with this awareness.  Before you start this meditation, you have to put yourself in a completely flowing mood and feel all the parts of your body relax.  You select you posture, either sitting or lying down, close your eyes, and relax completely.  The methods described in the earlier chapters of this book will help you achieve this.  As you are guided through your body and each part is mentioned, you must try to visualize light in that part.  As you feel that light is slowly and gently moving in your body you will have a deep experience of peace and a deep experience of healing.  You will realize there is a beautiful positive energy which is engulfing you, soothing you and giving you a unique gentle touch which is full of healing and peacefulness. 

            Now concentrate on your toes.  See the light around your toes, beautiful white light.  You will see a thin line of light around your toes.  This light is your real self, your real energy.  It is in the form of light.  Now this light energy is moving near your ankles so you can visualizeBoth you feet illumined with light.  The energy bas now come to your ankles.  It is circulating around your ankles and you feel a pleasant feeling in your toes, your feet and your ankles.  This light is moving upward in your calves.  You see the whole area from your ankles to your knees is nothing but light.  see the beautiful pleasant color of the light.  It it yellowish-white.  You feel this light moving from your knees to your thighs.   The whole area is beige filled with this light and you donít see your thigh but you see only light.  Now from toe to thigh, the whole are is nothing but light.  It is a column of light.  Now this light is moving upward near your pelvis and moving slowly toward your stomach and navel.  The light is slowly spreading, giving a soothing touch, healing and creating deep, deep peace, in you abdomen and in you intestines.  The whole area is nothing but light and this is coming slowly toward your heart.  Your heartbeats are rhyutmical.  You are experiencing a very peaceful feeling.  The heartbeats are in such a gentle rhythm that you feel each heat as a gentle touch, healing any heart problem, wherever this light touches there is no disease.  It is spreading, moving slowly and gently like water up the spine and around you back.   You see this light around your breast and your breast and coming through your lungs to your arms, in both arms, in your elbows, and descending into your wrists and fingers.  The light is around your fingers.  A beautiful line of light in around your fingers and thumbs.  It is a very thin light, a very thin line of light around your fingers and thumbs.  You experience all the light rays coming in your arms and bands like healing energy.  Slowly you see that both arms are nothing but columns of light.  The light is moving in you throat, and around you neck.  Relax you throat are so the light can move upward.  Yes.  You can feel it now, moving through your throat and voice box.  In you much, you can see it on the tip of your tongue, it is pulsating on tip of your tongue.  It is going gently into you nostrils, you nose and spreading into your ears.  Yes, even in the ears.  It is not stagnate, it is moving.  Now you can see it going into your eyes, and you can see pleasant balls of light in the sockets of your eyes.  You feel you can care any eye problem with this light, and you feel the belaying touch of this beautiful light.  You feel the light moving and soothing your head.  You feel it on your forehead, in the center of you brows like a third eye. And the third eye is oo-ning Now you see it on top of your head.  All the brain nerves and brain cells are lit with this beautiful light.  All the brain nerves ad brain cells are lit with this beautiful light.  All these cells hare become animated.  You see and feel this living touch throughout your brain.  Each brain cell is lit likes a tiny bulb.  Be with you light, this is you.  This is your real self.  You see your spine; it is like a beautiful column of light, straight inside and out.  From the tope of your head, bow see your whole body surrounded with light.  Year whole body is nothing but light.  It is the embodiment of light.  You see yourself as the presence of light.  You are nothing but light.  Experience this light deeply.  Become completely one with this light.  You are here to experience yourself for the first time at the presence of light.  You are completely relaxed.  You body is healed with this touch flight and the flow of light is streaming in your body.  This stream of light is flowing and you feel buoyant and very light.  Now when you have fully experienced this light, you can open you eyes gently with a pleasant feeling because you have seen this spreading positive energy.  You have experienced deep peace.  You have experienced y we as light.  Gently open your eyes in your own time.  What you open them, look at the people and things around you with a new fresh smile.  You can share your experience.  How do you feel?  Share this positive experience. In that way others will benefit form what you have received in this meditation.

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