Meditation in Jain Philosophy

This story sheds light on the nature of our journey.  First you have to put a real message of the Master n you life.  Culture means the right knowledge, the right insight.  If wrong concepts enter your head they will cover al your thinking.  And you will become lost.  Right teaching is as important as right food, right air and right living.  Do not follow the herd or hold any belief merely because your father did.  You have to be a seeker.  Really speaking, life is meant for the truth—to seek and to find it.  Don’t be stagnant and don’t follow anything blindly.  Blind faith is not the answer—it may stop your search, become a barrier that keeps you from going further.  Awareness keeps you alert, removing all your layers. 

            In this story, once the culture was added, the Master did not shake the milk, he allowed it to be calm.  When you have taken the culture of right understanding inside, you sit and meditate and see for yourself how it works for you.  Each individual in unique, so don’t compare yourself with anybody.  Mahavira’s teaching was essentially this: You are an individual light, you are you.  You cannot be anybody else.  If you compare, you will bring misery and pain to yourself.  You are not like anybody else.  You vibrations are with you.  If you seek yourself and go within yourself, then you will find you and experience your real nature. 

            For that we must practice the teaching inside.  That requires peace, tranquility, calmness.  That is why you select some calm spot for meditation.  Your inside movement will slowly settle down.  When you take hot water and put tea in it, the tea settle as it brings color to the water.  In the same way, the truth must settle.  There is no need to be in a hurry to go to the world and make everybody spiritual.  That is a kind of mania.  You must practice first.  How can you help anyone unless you grow and feel a change and then reveal it through your life?  The life of the Master, the life of the teacher, becomes a direct experience.  It is beyond words.  You see the light, and you follow the message. 

            In meditation, these teachings go inside and permeate your consciousness; the consciousness which was covered and filled it worry, anxiety, hang-ups and problems from the past is feed.  When you become calm, you take the teaching deeper and deeper.  Then a process of churning takes place.  That is introspection. 

            You are sitting here, not going into the past.  Live in the now, here.  Allow the past to go before your eyes.  This is mental meditation.  It is churning.  The time comes when you are clean.  The period comes when you feel the flame and that outer covering has gone.  It depends on your intensity, your steadiness, your calmness, your introspection. 

            When the butter is churned, you have to put it on th e fire to clarify it.  Fire is called tapa.  In any life some kind of tapa, some austerity, penance, or a little suffering is involved.  There is no growth without some kind of giving. 

            In tapa, you are purifying yourself, as gold is purified in fire.  In the same way, our soul is purified by giving.  And when this cleanliness comes, your soul becomes pure like ghee.  

            In the same way, you will know what you are.  The inquiry meditation is kabum,  “Who am I?”  To erase negativity and outer layers we have the second mantram nabum, “I am not this.”  And the third mantram in this meditation becomes sohum, “I am that.”  When you become clarified, you know sohum, your real Self, “I am I.”           

            This is the process of mediation, which gradually brings you to experience your self.  You may use these three mantras which are used by the Jains to investigate and reach the sebum  state of bliss. 

            Meditation is used in order to reach your higher self—that is its purpose.  In meditation, you raise your lower self to the higher Self, and enjoy the sate of sebum, This is the message and meaning of meditation. 

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