Sattveshu maitrim Gunishu Pramodam,
Klishteshu Jiveshu Krupa Paratvam.
Madhyasthyabhavam Viparit Vruttao,
Sada Mamatma vidadhatu dev!


Everyday, after the morning ablutions, one looks at ones face in the mirror.  At noon also after lunch at ones face in the mirror.  At noon also after lunch, one glances at ones face in the mirror, before going out.  In the evening, when he is back and has washed up, he stands again in front of the mirror and repeatedly contemplates his looks. 

Why all this effort? One thinks, 'Is there perchance any scare on my face?'  The looks are attractive, but the scar is not welcome.  But while watching the face in the mirror, the thought does not occur to any one, that what is visible in the mirror is not I.  The one who is invisible and observing is I! This reflection is not of my soul, but of my physical self.  What is visible in the mirror is the outer cover, and not the real contents of the package. 

Beauty is not bad by itself, but having forgotten my inner beauty, mistaking the physical beauty for my real self, is not Truth.

The body, which is subject to decay, and will have to be left behind and burnt to ashes, is subjected to hours of attention, but my Self, which is the observer and the recipient of the fruits of my actions, does not claim any attention from me!

How is the grain? No thought is given to it, but all the concern is lavished  on the chaff!

 One looks at the scars on the body, but does not care about the scars inflicted on the spirit.  Look!  Marks on the body can be removed with water or washing with soap, but marks on the spirit can be washed away only with tears of remorse.

Many mirrors will be available everywhere, to reveal the scars on the face, but who will unveil the  scars on the spirit?

An ugly face is not liked, but how can one enter a temple of heart, an abode of peace and purity with inner ugliness, which is increasing by the moment.  How many people think about this?

 Is man fit to enter such sublime environment, where peace and love reign supreme and the exalted enlightened souls reside?  How many people think about it?  Before entering such a sacred place, one should ponder whether one is tainted by marks of violence, deceit, ego untruth, anger, contempt, indiscipline or injustice.