The introduction of Jain religion – both in terms of the spiritual as well as its practical aspects has come as a delightful experience to American and European Jains, thanks to the highly stimulating, inspirational and guiding path shown by Gurudev Chitrabhanu to them.  Intellectual interaction with him has helped numerous troubled souls to find peace with inner-self, freedom from destructive actions and augmented reserve of inner strength and confidence to face ups and downs in life.  He has inspired a large number of people in the Western world to experience the miracle of their life and to lift their vision to a global purpose by appreciating the sanctity of all life and the vital strength of non-violence.

Elizabeth of New York (USA) has this to say about Chitrabhanu:  “It is always such  a joy to be in your presence, for you radiate good vibrations always, and exemplify love, compassion and reverence for life and the actions necessary to improve society.”

Meola Sudarshana has grasped the message of Gurudev to be, see and free yourself.’  She feels there will never be detachment from the Guru, because the connection on a pure soul level is unconditional, ‘It has increased self-confidence and soul energy deep within her to be able to withstand any external shocks.’

Bill Wrenn finds Gurudev’ teaching very useful for overcoming negative conditioning and focusing on life on what is really important.  The teachings have left an indelible imprint on his conscious and unconscious mind and have given him a great deal to think about and strive for.  Indeed letters from innumerable friends and devotees reflect the grateful feeling of having come in contact with Chitrabhanu who has been to them a friend, philosopher and guide.  In person and from distance he has continued to provide loving virbrations of peace and harmony.  He has guided them well to distinguish and harmony.  He has guided them well to distinguish between knowledge and understanding.  It is under standing which brigs awareness, blissful joy and true essence of life.  As expressed by them, they have at last found a soul in the person of Chitrabhanu, they could open upto and by being open, begin to find oneself.  He has changed the mood of many from depression or desperation to awareness, understanding and joy in living.

In Jain philosophy, the teacher has a special place of honour since he is the one who first practises and them preaches.  He is the one who sets the example and motivates the inspiration.  No wonder the Namokar Mantra includes veneration of ‘Upadhyay’ along with Arihants, Siddhas and others.

Gurudev Chitrabhanu’s experience in USA, UK and West Europe has been that a Guru is welcome to the people if the Guru helps the disciple to become a Guru himself.  David Light observed in an article in New Sun after interviewing Chitrabhanu in  December  1978 that ‘Chitrabhanuji does not inflict any rituals  on me and seems to be saying.’ You are okay as you are.  Be who you are.  That’s all.  He is a Guru who ends up making you the Guru.

He is like an ice in a cooling drink.  He cools yours consciousness and then disappears.”

Gurudev Chritrabhanu has himself repeatedly said,

“I am not concerned with proving myself or making miracles f or anybody.  My teaching is to concentrate on the virtues of the people.  The mission of a teacher is to lead a person to his or her own inner teaching and relieve the person from all dependency.  In the word Guru, Gumeans  ‘only darkness’ and ru means ‘remover’.  What often happens is the disciple clings to the teacher and not to the teaching.  Thereby he misses the goal.

you do not need groups to find God.  Groups are busy looking for messiahs to solve all their problems.  It is an illusion, weakness, an avoidance of reponsibility.”

 One has to turn the spirit of soul and get released from the bonds of materialism.  A spiritual person will be more creative, more positive, prosperous and more appreciated because he or she knows the power of spirit and can use it everywhere.


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