Transmutation of Personality

Through Preksha Meditation

Acharya Ganadhipati Tulsi

Translated into English by R.K Seth
Electronic data conversion by
Meena Shishodiya


1. The Origin and Development of Preksha Dhyana

2. The Programme of Preksha

3. The Foundation of Preksha

4. Preksha Dhyana and Anuvrat

5. The Greatness of 'Arham'

6. Japa : A Psychological Treatment

7. Extraversion : Disorder

8. How to Achieve Mental Peace?

9. Is The Mind Fickle?

10. Mental Tension and Its Resolution

11. Is There a Tradition of Meditation in Jainism

12. The Tradition of Dhyana after Lord Mahavir

13. How Did the Tradition of Meditation Vanish?

14. The Fruit of Appraisal

15. Jain Vishva Bharati

16. In Quest of Being

17. Right Background for Meditation

18. Practice of Meditation and the Teacher's Role

19. Training for Meditation

20. The Gurukul of Dhyana

21. Shivir-Sadhana

22. The Process of Change

23. Initiation into Preksha Dhyana

24. The Rules of Initiation

25. Preludes to Meditation

26. The Posture of Meditation

27. The Internal Trip

28. Does Meditation Dissolve or Strengthen The ' I '-- Consciousness?

29. The Practice of Deep Breathing

30. The Process of Transformation Through Perception of Body

31. Body-Perception---The Art of Awakening Energy Within

32. Transmutation of Feeling

33. The Influence of the Psychic Centres

34. Awakening of the Psychic Centres: Purification of Emotions

35. An Unparalleled Boon for Spiritual Development

36. "Kundalini" in Jain-Yoga

37. The Aura

38. Tejolabdhi : Achievement and Use

39. Foundation of Mental Peace

40. The Way to Peace : Purification of Environment

41. Basis for the Classification of Leshya

42. Identification of the Aura and the Current of Feeling

43. Taste, Smell and Touch Therapy

44. How to Avoid an Unclean Current of Feeling

45. Use of Feeling in the Evolution of Personality

46. Factors in the Purification of Feeling

47. Nature of Spiritual Realisation

48. The Birth of Equanimity

49. The Bridge Between Self-Study and Meditation

50. Importance of Regular Practice

51. Can Death be Stalled?