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Expressing deep anguish over demolition of a Jain temple in Lahore, Jain Acharya Dr Lokesh Muni has asked Indian government to intervene in the matter and get it reinstated. A delegation of Jain monks led by Acharya Lokesh Muni met BJP President Amit Shah and discussed future course of action after Pakistan’s Punjab government demolished the remains of the already damaged temple.

A Jain temple in Sector 4, Gurgaon was robbed in the early hours. The robbery of cash and silver ornaments worth lakhs was captured in its entirety on a CCTV camera installed inside the temple premises. An FIR has been registered at Sector 5 police station and cops are trying to identify the thieves by studying the CCTV footage. Rishabh Jain, President of the temple, said the thieves stole silver items, consisting of nine canopies, three bhav mandals and cash from the donation box. According to police, the thieves broke into temple early morning from the roof.

Founder of Ahimsa Vishwa Bharti Acharya Dr. Lokesh Muni addressing the Save Ganga and Save Himalayas Meeting-cum-Panel Discussion at Gandhi Darsan, Rajghat on the occasion of the 86th Anniversary of Gandhji’s Dandi March said that Ganga symbolizes all rivers and water bodies; Giriraj Himalaya symbolizes all mountains, forests and wildlife; Gandhi symbolizes a culture of Truth and non- violence, i.e. a culture of pursuit of ethical perfection as the ultimate goal of life and pursuit of selfless ethical life of universal love as its means.

Jain Sadhvi Chandan Prabha, will become Maha Mandleshwar of Juna akhara during the upcoming Simhastha mela. It will be first time a Jain sadhwi will be given title of Maha Mandleshwar by a Sanyasi Akhara. Sadhwi Prabha took blessings of Acharya Pithadhish of Juna Akhara Swami Avadheshananda Giri.Upon her arrival the sanyasis changed her turban make and she was tied with Sanyasi style of turban. Mahant Prem Giri was present on the occasion. Chandan Prabha was originally Chanchala.

A 62-year-old Jain sadhvi was killed and five others, including two women, were injured as a speeding truck hit them on Mumbai-Kolkata NH-53 in Chhattisgarh's Mahasamund district. Sadhvi Smriti Pragya, who was wheelchair-bound, was heading towards Jharkhand from Mumbai along with other sadhvis and her followers when the incident took place in Chhachhan Pahadi area under Tumgaon police station limits, early morning

A 108-feet tall idol of Lord Rishabhdeva, the first Teerthankar of Jains, carved out of a single rock, has entered the "Guinness World Records" as the world's tallest Jain statue.

Notwithstanding a court order, authorities in Pakistan's Punjab province have demolished the remains of a centuries- old Jain temple to pave the way for a controversial metro line project in Lahore.

Hansratna Vijayji Maharaj, the Jain monk who completed his 423 days of fasting in a period of 494 days, broke his fast on Sunday with a celebration that saw thousands of Jains attend the event

A Jain temple in Sector 4 was robbed in the early hours of Tuesday. The robbery of cash and silver ornaments worth lakhs was captured in its entirety on a CCTV camera installed inside the temple premises. An FIR has been registered at Sector 5 police station and cops are trying to identify the thieves by studying the CCTV footage.

Jainism goes much further than standard vegetarianism. As well as not eating meat, gelatin, and eggs, those following a Jain diet are also forbidden from eating anything which grows underground. Jainism is founded on a philosophy of non-violence, which extends to not committing violence against plants. Since bulbs have the potential to sprout and grow, Jains see the plucking of such vegetables from the ground as killing the entire plant, and therefore refuse to eat them

Maharashtra government on Wednesday approved Rs18.5 crore for "fast-track" development of civil works at the Mangi-Tungi hills of Nashik, where the tallest idol (108 feet) of Jains, Bhagwan Rishabhdev, is set to be installed on February 11 2016

Acharya Dr. Lokesh Muni eminent Jainacharya and founder of Ahimsa Vishwa Bharti speaking at the inaugural session Parliament of World’s Religions organised at Salt Lake City of United States of America said that Ahimsa or Nonviolence is the need of present world when humanity is facing the problems of war, violence and terrorism. As preached by Bhagwan Mahavir, we have to practice nonviolence in our everyday life.He said that we all respect our own philosophies and believes but we should give equal importance and respect to what others believe in. Acharya Lokesh quoting Jain Philosophy said that war and hatred of humanity. Practicing non violence can make this world a peaceful and better place o live in. Many other religious leaders also addressed the inauguration session.

The area where world famous Parasnath Temple is situated in Giridih district will be developed into an attractive tourist destination, Jharkhand government said on Parliamentary Affairs Minister Rajendra Prasad Singh assured the House that the government would develop the pilgrim centre after Speaker Shashank Sekhar Bhokta directed the government for the same. The speaker's direction came following a question by members on construction of ropeways in some tourist spots.The 4,431 ft high Parasnath hill is the highest peak south of the Himalayas. The oldest of the Jain temples is located atop it. Parasnath is the 'Marang Buru' or hill deity of the Santhals of Hazaribagh, Manbhum, Bankura and Santhal Parganas.

अहिंसक समाज का अपमान और राजनैतिक षडयंत्र

सागर - सागर नगर में एक अत्याधुनिक कत्लखाना खोलने का प्रावधान देष की अहिंसक जनता का अपमान और राजनैतिक ताकत को चुनौती है। हम इस घिनौने प्रस्ताव को कभी भी अमल में नहीं आने देगें। विचार संस्था के अध्यक्ष कपिल मलैया ने प्रषासन को चेतावनी देते हुये कहा कि सागर में कत्लखाने की स्थापना नही होने दी जायेगी और अगर प्रषासन ने जबरदस्ती कत्लखाना खोलने की कोषिष की तो इसके गम्भीर व दुर्भाग्यपूर्ण परिणामों के लिये प्रषासन जिम्मेवार होगा। उल्लेखनीय है कि सागर नगर निगम के बजट में जन निजी भागीदारी (पी पी पी) के माडल के तहत् आधुनिक स्लाटर हाउस (पशुवधगृह) की स्थापना जन निजी भागीदारी के अन्तर्गत करीब 5 करोड की लागत से बनाने का प्रावधान रखा गया है। कपिल मलैया ने अहिंसक समाज से अपील की है कि सागर में कत्लखाना खोले जाने के प्रावधान का विरोध करें और आगामी चुनावों में ऐसे नेताओं को सबक सिखाने के लिये अहिंसक समाज तैयार हो जाये। कत्लखाने का यह प्रावधान राजनैतिक तुष्टीकरण का ही नही हम अहिंसक समाज की अस्मिता को चुनौती व हमारी सहृदयता का भी अपमान है।

The two-day seminar on 'Historical consciousness in ancient Jain poetry' that will begin on September 26 will revisit the literary contribution of Jain poets to Kannada literature. It is being organised by Kannada University, Hampi and Bharatesh Education Trust. Over 23 scholars will present their research papers while writers, poets and experts on Jain literature and Kannada literature will participate in the deliberations.

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Jain Samaj Europe is now into the 30th Year of the arrival of the Anjansalaka Pratimas of Shree Shantinath, Shree Parshwanath and Shree Mahavirswami Bhagwan. Please support and join in the celebrations which are progressing very well with full devotion and enthusiasm.

Acharya Dr. Lokesh Muni eminent Jainacharya and founder of Ahimsa Vishwa Bharti speaking at the inaugural session Parliament of World’s Religions organised at Salt Lake City of United States of America said that Ahimsa or Nonviolence is the need of present world when humanity is facing the problems of war, violence and terrorism.

With the "plastic king" 58-year-old Delhi billionaire Bhanwarlal Doshi renouncing the world in a Ahmedabad ground on May 31, many others have followed him in this direction.When Bhanwarlal Doshi took the vow of diksha, the Jain monk Bhavyaratna Vijay Maharajsaheb was born. The business tycoon was renouncing his multi-crore company, his family, his house and all the comforts of the world. He stepped off the ship to embark on a journey that required him to pluck his hair, wrap a white linen cloth around his body, and live the life of a monk.

Marudevi Ammal, an 83-year-old woman in a remote village in Tiruvannamalai district of Tami Nadu who was observing santhara (sallekhana), a Jain ritual in which an individual fasts to death, attained samadhi at 2.40 pm on Thursday. Marudevi took the santhara vow at a Jain temple in Thensenthamangalam village 41 days ago.

University of California will establish three new endowed chairs in Jain, Sikh and modern Indian studies to expand knowledge of South Asian religions and culture. The School of Humanities at the University of California, has the Dhan Kaur Sahota Presidential Chair in Sikh Studies, Shri Parshvanath Presidential Chair in Jain Studies, and Swami Vivekananda-Dharma Civilisation Foundation Presidential Chair in Modern India Studies studies.

A nearly 1,100-year-old Jain temple found abandoned on a 20 cents land at Alathoor village, near here, is on the verge of a collapse due to lack of conservation.

Unidentified suspects stole four idols from the Parshavnath Digambar Jain temple early on Saturday, making it the third successful theft at the temple. The police have failed to crack the earlier thefts and the temple management's step to install CCTV cameras does not seem to have deterred the culprits.

Panchkalyanak Pratishtha & Mahamastakabhishek Mahotsav of the highest standing idol in the world carved out of single stone at the hills of Siddhakshetra Mangitungi in Maharashtra India.

The local Jain community on Monday took out a silent march against the Rajasthan High Court's decision for holding Jainism religious ritual of "Santhara" (fast unto death) as illegal. A silent march held by the "Sakal Jain Samaj" in Betul urged that the court should reconsider its decision on the issue. The march started from Jain Snathak in Kothi Bazar area and after passing through various streets of the city, culminated at Amjhira Parshavnath Mandir in Betuj Ganj area.

Followers of an ancient Indian religion have petitioned the country’s Supreme Court for the right to starve to death as a religious freedom. Leaders of the Jain religion have taken their campaign to the highest judicial body after the Rajasthan state high court declared that the centuries-old ritual of santhara was illegal as it amounted to assisted suicide. "Santhara is an integral part of the Jain religion and the court can't interfere with its customs,” said the petition asking the Supreme Court to legalise the practice. Thousands of Jains, who believe in a path of non-violence towards all living creatures, earlier attended a protest in Jaipur carrying banners that proclaimed: "Suicide is crime. Santhara is religion."

The Jain religion is possibly the oldest living religion being practised all over the world. Literature in Tamil (the most oldest classical language), Sankrit, Kannada and Marathi, Gujarati etc. is also plenty. The epigraphic records in Indian landscape are testimony to Jain practices including Santhara/Sallekhana which is hailed as Vadakkiruththal (meditating facing north) in ancient Tamil literature. The PIL has been influenced by an incident of alleged glorification of Santhara-led death in Jaipur in 2006. The centuries-old practice which was not banned even during Muslim and British rules has received this jolt by this judgment in the Independent India. It must be stated that the battery of leaned advocates for respondents tried very hard to plead for the dismissal of the PIL.

August 12, 2015 was both a unique and a historic day in the establishment of three Academic Chairs. On this day, the Jains, Sikhs and Hindu brothers and sisters in Los Angele, USA area came together to establish not one but 3 Chairs at University of California at Irvine (suburb of Los Angeles). The 3 chairs are; Shri Parshvanath Presidential Chair in Jain Studies, Dhankaur Sahota Presidential Chair in Sikh Studies and Swami Vivekananda –DCF Presidential Chair in Modern India Studies.

Current Pakistan has several Jain monuments some dating back to several hundred years.
See the information published on Jain World few years back.
Jains need to take steps to protect these Jain monuments no matter in what country you stay now.

An "asthadhatu" idol has been allegedly stolen from a famous Jain temple at Siddhawarkoot near Omkreshwar town in Khandwa district, police said .

The Rajasthan High Court on Monday held Jainism religious ritual of 'Santhara'(fast unto death) as illegal making it punishable under section 306 and 309 IPC (abetment of suicide).

Vinod Daryapurkar delivering his lecture on "Jainism in Digital Age" at JAINA 2015

The Pope also calls on us all to be better stewards of all creation, noting that “each organism, as a creature of God, is good and admirable in itself.” He condemns the view that humankind has “absolute domination over other creatures” as a misinterpretation of God’s grant of “dominion” over creation.

Shri Bhomiyaji Maharaj has a very auspicious place among Jain deities. He is the protector of Jain religious places and the pilgrims and, as the Adhishthayak, guards Shri Sammet Shikharji, the most sacred Tirth for Jains. A replica of Shikharji is already created at Siddhachalam and now steps to enshrine Bhomiyaji Maharaj at Siddhachalam.

Chance finding of six rare Jain idols, perceived to belong to the period between 6th and 12th century AD, from Biripada village near Muniguda in Rayagada district will add to the rich collection of the Odisha State Museum. The metal idols were discovered from an ancient well-like structure barely 300 metres away from the course of the Bansadhara river near Munigada, which is nearly 385km from Bhubaneshwar.

A Jain Basadi, built during Ganga dynasty in the sixth century, has been excavated near Arethippuru village, Maddur taluk, Mandya district, Karnataka. In the month of September and October, a team of more than 30 had taken up the excavation works.

July 9th, 2015, Indore : Unidentified thieves struck at Jain temple at Dhar Road and took away an idol, which was hundreds of years old, and other valuables. Police have registered a case and are probing the matter. The incident took place at Jayant Dham at Dhar Road late on night. Watchman told police that he went for sleep at around 2 am after which thieves barged into the temple after breaking locks and took away an idol which was many year old and weighted 3 kg. The theft was discovered in morning when watchman woke up. He immediately informed to priest about the incident.

July 7th, 2015, With the State government refusing to spend any funds on researching further into the Jain inscriptions at Konakondla, Bharat Varsheeya Digambara Jain Thirthakshetra Committee (BVDJTC) has come forward to develop the same spending crores of rupees. A congregation of over a hundred people belonging to the Jain community at the village in the Vajrakaruru Mandal of the district has decided to build a memorial in the name of Acharya Kondakunda besides the construction of a residential Vidyapeeth (a place of learning) to teach, research and propagate his teachings. Mr. R. V. Chakravarthi, credited with finding out these Jain religious places almost five decades ago in Konakondla, said that Acharya Kondakunda, who wrote the Jain religious texts Pachastikayasara, Pravachanasara, Samayasara, Niyamasara and Barasanuvekkha was also the author of the famous Tamil treatise ‘Tirukkural’, otherwise known to be written by famous Tamil poet Thiruvalluvar.

28th June 2015, New Delhi. Government has done away to the practice of issuing minority certificates. Minority community members can now self-attest the documents and respective government institutions are directed to accept the same, across all departments and educational institutes.

July 2nd, 2015, Washington: Darshan Jain, an Indian American teacher from Illinois, has been appointed by President Barack Obama with the prestigious Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching.

For its huge and invaluable contribution to the Indian economy, Komal Kumar Jain of Duke Fashions (India), a premium lifestyle brand has been awarded with ‘ET Business Knights’ award.

दिनांक 18/07/2015 शनिवार को सुबह 08:30 बजे से श्री 1008 आदिनाथ भगवान् (ऋषभदेव) बावनगजा जी का 108 कलशों से विशेष महा मस्तकाभिषेक गणिनी आर्यिका ज्ञानमती माताजी ससंघ के सानिध्य में संपन्न

Performing Murti-Pratishtha in our own Jinalaya in Sydney is a historic moment of immense significance for the whole Jain community worldwide. The Jinalaya in Sydney will inspire and help attain the spiritual aspirations of Jain followers in this part of the globe for generations to come.

With a heavy heart, we convey the sad news of Dr. Jagat Jain, past JAINA President's passing on April 22, 2015.

2015 JAINA Ratna Award will be conferred on- Dilip V Shah past JAINA president for his contribution to Jain community and Humanity.

The Vrihad Sadhu-Sadhvi Sammelan of Shwetambar Jain community is being held in the city. Besides naming a successor to current Acharya ...

श्वेत पिच्छाचार्य श्री 108 विद्यानंद जी मुनिराज की 91वी जन्म जयंती समारोह 22 अप्रैल 2015 दिन बुधवार को सुबह 10 बजे कुन्द कुन्द भारती दि...

External Affairs Minister of Government of India Ms. Shushma Swaraj has announced the Mahavir Janmakalyanak Divas (Mahavir Bhagwan's Birthday) is declared "International Ahimsa Day".

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With great pleasure, we are happy to announce that JAIN SWADHYAY MANDIR Songadh in USA has organized Four days Adhyatmic Seminar while celebrating GURUDEV SHRI KANJI SWAMI 126TH JANMA JAYANTI during Memorial Day long week end, From Friday, May 22 to Monday, May 25, 2015.

All Jains Visiting Delhi should See this Unique Temple, Really Iconic

Temple Panch Kalyanak Maha Mahotsav was completed from 17th to 25th Feb. 2015

Trilokteerth Dham an superlative Jain Institution at Badagaon, Baghpat, U. P. to provide multi-dimensional services of socio-religious importance to Jain Diaspora. As the name suggests, the principal structure depicts Madhya Lok (On-land), Adholok (Hell) & Urdhavlok (Heaven).

Jan. 4th, 2015. Mandya Dist. A Jain Basadi, built during Ganga dynasty in the sixth century, has been excavated near Arethippuru village, Maddur taluk, Mandya district.

These are the most illustrious honours by the Government of India for individual achievements. The following are the recipients of Padma Awards for the year 2015 in different categories. Padma Vibhushana Award - The Padma Vibhushana Award for the year has been conferred upon D. Veerendra Heggade for meritorious services to mankind.

Padma Shri honour are conferred on Shri Sanjay Leela Bhansali the noted film director, Shri Ravindra Jain, Music Director of Bollywood and Rahul Jain, Delhi for contributions in the field of Art.Please accept our warmest and most sincere congratulations and good wishes! We shall be with you in spirit during your celebration of this great honour.

हम सब गिरनार तीर्थ और शंखेश्वर तीर्थ के बारे में तो बहुत कुछ जानते है, किन्तु अन्तरिक्ष पार्श्वनाथ के बारे हमें अधिक जानकारी नहीं है। श्री अन्तरिक्ष पार्श्वनाथ तीर्थ की कुछ मुख्य बातें।

४२ इंच की अन्तरिक्ष पार्श्वनाथ प्रभु की प्रतिमा ११,८०,००० वर्ष प्राचीन है! प्रतिमा जी मिटटी और गाय के गोबर से प्रभु मुनिसुव्रत स्वामी के काल में बनी थी। प्रतिमा की स्थापना देवलोक से स्वयं देवों ने की है न की किसी मनुष्य ने। प्रतिमा जी जमीन को नहीं छूती, यह बिना किसी सहारे के पूर्णतया हवा में है और इसके नीचे से कपडा भी निकाला जा सकता है! इस प्रतिमा जी का जिक्र सकल तीर्थ वंदना में भी आता है जो रोजाना प्रातः प्रतिक्रमण में बोली जाती है। इसी से इसकी महत्वता का पता चलता है। परम पावन, प्रगट प्रभावी, अत्यंत प्राचीन, ऐतिहासिक श्री अन्तरिक्ष पार्श्वनाथ प्रभु की महिमा का वर्णन करना लगभग असंभव ही है। इस सब के बावजूद जैसे हर चीज़ के अच्छे और बुरे दिन आते है उसी प्रकार ये तीर्थ शायद अभी अपने बुरे समय से गुजर रहा है! इतना महत्त्व का होते हुए भी बहुत कम लोगो को इसकी जानकारी है। श्वेताम्बर तथा दिगम्बर समप्र्दाय के आपसी झगडे के कारण आज ये अति प्राचीन प्रतिमा जी जिसकी नित्य प्रक्षाल और नवांग पूजा होती थी आज एक कमरे में बंद है तथा केवल एक झरोखे से दर्शन ही किये जा सकते है। शिरपुर नज़दीक अकोला, महाराष्ट्र में स्थित इस तीर्थ के दर्शन वंदन को अवश्य जायें तथा प्रभु के दर्शन वंदन कर अपना जीवन सफल बनाएं।

Recently held State level Exhibition Rajpex 2015 from 24th to 27th Jan 2015 at Jaipur released picture card with the image of Nakodaji Jain Temple situated near Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

A massive Mahamastakabhisheka ceremony that honors Lord Bahubali was performed at Lord Bahubali Karkala Jain temple. This 10-day ceremony takes place once every 12 years. The rich history of the Mahamastakabhisheka ceremony is performed on a massive Lord Bahubali statue.

After a gap of almost 28 years, Sadhus and Sadhvis from Jain Swetamber Sthanakwasi Sect are holding long awaited conclave at Indore. A week long meet, which is being attended by over 800 Sadhus and Sadhvis, will start on 20th, March under the auspicious blessings and guidance of Acharya Dr. Shivmuniji M. S.

In the month of September and October, a team of more than 30 Archeologists of Archeological Survey of India had taken up the excavation works. A Jain temple, measuring about hundred feet in length and 40 feet in width was discovered, along with seven statues atop Chandragiri Hill. The Jain temple consists of a facade, an entrance and sanctum sanctorum. Ten stone pillars, statues of Bahubali, Yaksha and Yakshini, have been excavated. Apart from them, several other relics that were used to perform rituals at the temple were also discovered during the excavation. Experts opine that the Basadi was dedicated to one of the Tirtankaras of Jainism and was once a popular place for pilgrims, along with the temples at Shravanabelagola. According to ASI officials, there were chances that four more Jain temples are present around the excavation site.

नई दिल्ली 14 मार्च ….घोर तपस्वी संत ,दार्शनिक और दिगंबर जैन परंपरा के साधक मुनि श्री 108 क्षमासागरजी ने सागर, मध्यप्रदेश मे समाधि ग्रहण कर ली, समाधिमरण के बाद निकली पद्मासन पालकी शोभायात्रा में हजारों लोग शामिल हुए। हजारों की संख्या में मौजूद लोग मुनिश्री के अंतिम विहार के साक्षी बने वे पिछले कुछ वर्षो से काफी बीमार चल रहे थे और पूरी तरह से अशक्त हो चुके थे लेकिन गंभीर स्वास्थ्य मे भी उन्होने कठोर मुनि चर्या का पालन जारी रखा. प्रकांड विद्वान रहे मुनिश्री प्रेरक संत आचार्य विद्यासागर के संघ से जुड़े थे, एम टेक की शिक्षा प्राप्त मुनिश्री शिक्षा ग्रहण करने के समय से ही अध्यात्म की तरफ बढ चुके थे. शिक्षा पूरी होने के उपरांत उन्होने नौकरी या व्यवसाय करने की बजाय आचार्य विद्यासागर से प्रेरित हो मुनि दीक्षा ले ली. आचार्यश्री की ज्ञान साधना और तप उनके लिये सदैव प्रेरक रहे और वे अंत समय तक उसका अनुसरण करते रहे.

A Jain Basadi, built during Ganga dynasty in the sixth century, has been excavated near Arethippuru village, Maddur taluk, Mandya district.

In the month of September and October, a team of more than 30 archeologists lead by T M? Keshava, Deputy Superintending Archaeologist of Archeological Survey of India (ASI) and Assistant Archaeologist Aravali, had taken up the excavation works.

Thieves barged into a Jain temple in Nehu Nagar and escaped with 11 chhatras of silver and cash worth Rs 1.25 lakh, here early on Sunday morning. A case was registered at Kamla Nagar police station of the city. In a year, at least six incidents in which Jain temples were targeted came to light.

Analyses contained in Dwadasharnayachakra - a fifth century AD Jain treatise on comparative Indian philosophy - are key points of reference for scholars from across the globe who come to Gujarat to study Indian religious thought, particularly that of Jainism.

Four statues made of eight elements were stolen from the Jain Temple at Sewargi Mohalla near dargah bazaar. The priest on Saturday morning found these statues missing when he came to open the temple. The incident generated anger in the Jain community because of continuous incidents of stealing of Jain idols being reported since last two years.

A silver idol and other valuables were found stolen from a Jain temple in Udaipur district of Rajasthan, police said today.

The incident took place yesterday at the Digamber Jain temple in Karavali village under Salumber tehsil, Nathmal, ASI Salumber police station said.

Answers to an RTI petition show that poor coordination between various government departments has resulted in the state failing to prevent trafficking of camels, mostly from Rajasthan, to Tamil Nadu.

In response to an RTI application filed by an animal rights activist, Corporation of Chennai, the public health department and the transport department all said no camels were brought for slaughter to Chennai during 2014. By contrast, the state police said 29 camels were brought to Chennai and illegally slaughtered that year.

All of you are aware & known contribution of Late Shri. Bal Patil towards our Jain Religious Community in getting status of Religious Minor Community in Centre as well as States.

MS University's (MSU) Oriental Institute on Monday started the mammoth task of digitizing thousands of manuscripts.

The institute has a rich collection of around 30,000 rare and valuable manuscripts of which around 6,000 manuscripts pertaining to Jainism have already got digitized by a Jain organisation.

Gold and silver idols worth lakh of rupees were allegedly stolen from a Jain temple here, the police said today.

The loot took place at Shri 1008 Digamber Jain Mandir in Rajendrapuram area under Inchauli police station of the district. The incident came to light when women reached the temple yesterday evening and found that the gold and silver idols, utencils, throne and the cash in the donation box was missing, police said. The thieves also toook away the camera and DVR set from the temple.

Trilokteerth Dham an superlative Jain Institution at Badagaon, Baghpat, U. P. to provide multi-dimensional services of socio-religious importance to Jain Diaspora. As the name suggests, the principal structure depicts Madhya Lok (On-land), Adholok (Hell) & Urdhavlok (Heaven). Trilokteerth Dham gives presentations through the application of Robotic Science about, how to lead a spiritually better life. Trilokteerth Dham shows how to achieve Salvation by following Samyak Darshan, Samyak Gyan, Samyak Charita. Trilokteerth Dham besides, the Jain idols also holds idols of Lord Rama, his Sons Lav & Kush & Five Pandava temples from the Mahabharatha.

Kolkata, November 17, 2014 (PTI): Reflecting the growing global influence of Jainism, Cook Islands, an island country in the South Pacific Ocean, today launched a special coin commemorating Jain religion’s traditional founder Lord Adinath. Lord Adinath or Rishabha Dev is the traditional founder of Jainism and the first of 24 Trithankars who established the Jain teachings.

The 18th Biennial JAINA Convention is being held from July 2nd to July 5th in Atlanta, Georgia at the Georgia International Convention Center and is located in College Park - a Southwest suburb of Atlanta. The Jain Society of Greater Atlanta, the 2015 JAINA Convention Board, and the JAINA Executive Committee look forward to welcoming you. In addition to Spiritual development, the Convention will also focus on health and well-being, social and ecological issues. Our goal is to provide a memorable experience for all age groups and showcase achievements of Jain community.

HYDERABAD, November 5, 2014: "Twelve panchaloha (five metal) idols of the Jain Tirthankaras were unearthed during the course of conservation work on October 18 at Keesaragutta, while the pathways were being laid between two temples near steps at a depth of one foot," Director of Archaeology and Museums (Telangana), B Srinivas, told reporters here.

MANGALORE, October 31, 2014: The prime accused in the theft of the precious idols from a Jaintemple in Karnataka's Dakashina Kannadadistrict on July 6 last year, has been granted bail in all the eight remaining cases on Saturday and has been released from jail.

Archaeological Survey of India Circle office condemned the "false" reports in a section of the press on resumption ofconservation work at a Jain Temple in Sultanbathery in Wayanad District on October 16.

"Some people with the support of the media, are making a hue and cry that ASI is damaging the temple by spending a huge amount of Rs 1.5 crore which is far from the truth", T Sreelakshmi , Superintending Archaeologist, said in a statement here.

Jain community members wanting to go to Palitana from Mumbai have something to cheer in the Railway Budget.

Railways minister Sadanand Gowda has announced Mumbai-Palitana weekly express train in the Budget for 2014-15 on Tuesday. The demand for a direct train to Palitana from Mumbai had been hanging fire since a long time.

नारायण नगर स्थित श्री पार्श्वनाथ दिगंबर जैन मंदिर में घुसकर बदमाशों ने भगवान दिनाथ की अष्टधातु की मूर्ति चुरा ली। वारदात के लिए बदमाश 12 फीट की ऊंचाई पर लगे रोशनदान की रॉड काटकर दाखिल हुए थे।

मंदिर समिति के अध्यक्ष राजेश जैन ने बताया कि गुरुवार रात करीब 12 बजे तक वे समिति के अन्य सदस्यों के साथ मंदिर प्रांगण में ही थे। इसके बाद सब घर चले गए।

A 9th century historic Jain temple located in Kogali village of Hagaribommanahalli taluk has turned into a ‘cattle stall’ and a storage room. The temple is in a state of utter neglect. Once considered a Jain centre during the Ganga dynasty, the 1,200- year-old temple is now in ruins.

The 47-year-old Hansratna, a thin figure, will soon achieve what few in the community have. He will be one of 12 people in Jain history to have fasted for 180 days. A fast that is observed by surviving only on boiled water that can be consumed between 9am and 6pm. PALANPUR: Thousands of devotees thronged the Pallaviya Swetambar Jain temple in Palanpur on Wednesday to participate in Parnogat (home coming) ceremony of Parsvanatha, the 23rd among the 24 Tirthankaras.

KERI: The Jain community of Goa, Karnataka and Maharashtra has jointly decided to undertake a tree plantation drive along the Chorla Ghat region by selecting 10,000 trees of indigenous species.

Below is the link to watch Jain Temple in Pakistan
Jain Temple in Pakistan

PALANPUR: Thousands of devotees thronged the Pallaviya Swetambar Jain temple in Palanpur on Wednesday to participate in Parnogat (home coming) ceremony of Parsvanatha, the 23rd among the 24 Tirthankaras.

The Jain International Organization is launching a community-based medical insurance policy.

Jains across India can avail of a medical cover ofRs 2 lakh by paying an annual premium of Rs1,800.

Policy holders also get an accident cover of Rs 10lakh.

Hindus are urging Heinz Australia to publicly apologize for hurting their feelings by not being open about the usage of beef in their juice/drinks production in the past. Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, in a statement in Nevada (USA), said that cow was held sacred by Hindus and was considered the seat of many deities. Consuming beef was considered sacrilegious among Hindus. Rajan Zed, who is President of Universal Society of Hinduism, pointed out that Heinz Australia should have clearly disclosed on their juice/drinks labels the usage of beef in the production process, thus alerting the Hindus and other consumers. Moreover, Heinz Australia should also have clarified the usage of alcohol in the manufacturing of their juice/drinks as many Hindus were teetotalers and parents would not like to give that juice/drinks to children where alcohol was used in the production process. Heinz Australia should overhaul its labeling practices and bring more transparency, thus helping the consumer make conscious decisions, Rajan Zed stressed. Headquartered in Victoria with history going back to 1880s, Heinz Australia is a $1 billion company with four manufacturing facilities.

Seeking to honour scholars, whose works complement or spread the glory of Tamil epic 'Silappathikaram' of Ilango Adigal, a Jain prince-turned poet, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, Jayalalithaa has instituted an award in his name.

A tussle between the ASI and the Jain Community for the ownership is causing conflict and confusion at famous Delwada temples at Mount Abu. The temples are world famous for their structural intricacy and architecture. The Archaeological Survey of India has announced its decision to declare the 1,000-year-old temples as protected monuments. However, the Jain Community and the trustees of the temple do not agree with Governmental interferences in their religious institutions. The issue was started in March last year, when the ASI declared that the Delwada temples, dedicated to the first and twenty second Jain Tirthankar Rishabhdevji and Neminathji, would be declared protected monuments. The Delwara temples were built in eleventh century at a cost of Rupees twenty crores by Vimal Shah, who was a minister in the court of King Bhimdeva of Gujarat.

A sudden landslide on 31st July in Malin village in the Ambegaon tehsil of Pune destroyed the entire village and resulted in death of most of its residents. This disaster has also left many homes completely damaged. We feel concerned for all the family members, who have suffered the loss of their dear ones and their property. We hope the Central Government, the State Government of Maharashtra, NGOs working in that region and generous individuals will come forward to TIMELY REHABILITATE the victims of the catastrophe. We also express our commiserations for all who are no more with us after this disaster

The LXXVIIIth meeting of Oriental philosophy studies was held on Tuesday 24th June, 2014 at H.Skovoroda Institute of Philosophy (National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine) in Kyiv. In the seminar took part the researchers from H. Skovoroda Institute of Philosophy, A. Yu. Krymskyi Institute of Oriental Studies (National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine), National Pedagogical Dragomanov University and also independent researches.

CHENNAI, July 22, 2014: Fourteen Jain rock beds dating back to the 5th century AD have been excavated inside three caverns on top of a hill in Vellore district. The beds were found on the Bhairavamalai in Latheri on the Vellore-Gudiyattam road when Jeeva Kumar, a Jain priest, was on a study tour in search of abandoned and neglected Jain sites in Tamil Nadu. "It was difficult to climb the hill because the rock steps to the caverns were almost lost over the years. Recently, the locals have built a temple near the caverns. They have also built a flight of 1300 steps for the new temple. Unfortunately, there is no passage to these caverns that house the ancient rock beds," says S Jeeva Kumar, who has excavated a number of Jain sites in various parts of Tamil Nadu.

The Gujarat government is mulling over demands for the creation of a vegetarian zone in Palitana town in Bhavnagar district following the now-concluded hunger strike by Jain monks. Around 200 monks in Palitana — one of the holiest pilgrimage sites for Jains — had gone on the hunger strike four days ago demanding a total ban on sale of eggs and meat, and strict implementation of the law against illegal slaughter in the town. They called off their agitation after assurances from the government.

Jain community members wanting to go to Palitana from Mumbai have something to cheer in the Railway Budget. Railways minister Sadanand Gowda has announced Mumbai-Palitana weekly express train in the Budget for 2014-15 on Tuesday. The demand for a direct train to Palitana from Mumbai had been hanging fire since a long time.

Presently, there is just one train running between Bhavnagar and Palitana. This is the first long distance train to the temple town. Every year, Palitana receives around 10 lakh tourists, mostly from Jain community, and large numbers from Mumbai.

Lata Mangeshkar has recorded an album of bhajans and chants for the Jain community and she got herself a linguistic teacher to guide her through all the traditional devotional chants.

Lata says doing album was a special challenge.

"Somewhere they felt that their religious teachings and mantras have so far not been properly articulated. I am happy and relieved that they think my rendition does justice to their sacred teachings," she said.

The Sri Jain Dharma Jeernodhara Sangha is in alacrity of starting preparations for the Maha Mastakabhisheka of Bhagwan Bahubali at Karkala.

The State Archaeological Department has started a field survey of historic monuments at Mathilakam, near Kodungallur to find about once existent Jain culture in the area.

Moodabidri Mutt is archiving and preserving the manuscripts, using Japanese tissue paper. The Dhavalatraya Jain Kashi Trust of the Jain Mutt, Moodabidri, located about 35 km from Mangalore, has decided to go the Microsoft and Google way. To preserve, archive and to make its centuries old palm leaf manuscripts available to a wider audience, the mutt has decided to digitise them. Swasti Shri Bharata Bhushana Bhattaraka Charukeerthi Panditacharyavarya Mahaswamiji of the Jain Mutt, who is overseeing the process, revealed that about 1,500 of the 4,500 manuscripts which the mutt possesses have already been digitised. The process of digitisation has been going on for the last three years.

Ahmedabad, Nineteen members of the Jain community, youngest of them only 12 years old and oldest 48, announced that they would be renouncing the worldly pleasures and take 'Diksha'. The ceremony, called 'Vijay Prasthan Utsav', will be organised by Shwetambar Murti Pujak Jain Sangh, Rajnagar, from June 15 to 20 at Gandhi Ground in Ahmedabad. According to Shreemad Vijay Yugbhushan Sureshwarji, they are ready to renounce the worldly pleasures because of the spiritual conviction. No one is forcing anybody to renounce. Organiser of the event Jaxay Shah said it would be once- in-a-lifetime opportunity for those who want to witness the mass renunciation ceremony.

D. C. Jain has taken over as Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer of IDBI Capital Market Services. D. C. Jain has experience of over three-and-a-half decades in banking and financial services.

Citrang Murdia (Jain) from Udaipur (Rajasthan) made history by winning the first place in India in IIT JEE (Advance) for admission in engineering college across the country. Citrang, Student of Delhi Public School, Udaipur, scored 334 out of 360 came first in the whole country. Citrang's father Manish Murdihya is a businessman and also passed out from IIT Delhi. Source: Shri Tarak Guru Jain Granthalaya, Udaipur, E-Mail : [email protected]

The market news says, Xiaomi has hired Manu Kumar Jain to kickstart its operations in the country. Manu Jain, who was the co-founder of online retailer Jabong, had quit the company earlier this year to start his own venture. Jain had parted ways with Jabong to launch his new venture Gynjer, where he was planning to launch smartphones, tablets and wearables.

Students belonging to the Jain community, which is now recognized and approved as minority community can claim the benefit of pre-matric scholarships in Maharashtra. This was confirmed in a notification issued by the Maharashtra Government's School Education and Sports Department on June 4. Under the pre-matric scholarship scheme, the Union Government provides schooling expenses of students belonging to a minority community from Class I to X. The scheme, which was introduced in 2008, has been a huge success in terms of response from minority students. In fact, according to the Ministry of Minority Affairs, in 2008, the Union government had sanctioned over 4.5 lakh pre-matric scholarships across the country, of which Maharashtra alone had sanctioned 55,200 scholarships. Students from the community who have financial problems will find the scheme useful. The scholarship scheme, according to the state notification, would be 100% funded by the Centre from this academic year. Earlier, the funding ratio between the Union and state governments was 75:25.

In the late evening of 11th June 2014, the great & senior most Munishree Nirvana Sagarji Maharaj of Digambar Jain Sect left for Devlok at the age of 106 years in District of Khaniyadhana, Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh. Rajendra Jain 'Mahavir' quoted, Munishri Ji in his entire lifetime never used any pen, spectacles and Microphone.

Public School 244 in Flushing is the first public school in the nation to serve all-vegetarian meals for breakfast and lunch, according to city education officials.

Thousands of devotees, belonging to Jain community from different parts of the country, thronged at a Vashi ground in sector 10 to witness the foundation laying ceremony of Sahasrakut Jinalaya.

The Lahore High Court issued notices to respondent functionaries of the federal and provincial governments to submit replies on a petition for restoration of Jain temples in Lahore and Gujranwala and issuance of postage stamps to honour Bhagat Singh.

2013 Jewel of Jain World award was presented to Dr. Hampa Nagarajaiah, a well known Kannada Jain scholar by Jain World's senior advisory member Shri. Sunilsen Peramanu of Atlanta, USA at the Dharma Sabha conducted during Panchakalyanak Pratishta Mahotsav in Haveri, Karnatak State last month

दिगंबर जैन समाज जे प्रमुख संत गुजरात केशरी आचार्य श्री 108 भरतसागरजी मुनिराज का देवलोक गमन शुक्रवार की शाम 4:33 बजे सोनकच्छ के निकट पुष्पगिरी तीर्थ पर हो गया आचार्य श्री आज ही देवास तरफ से विहार करते हुए पुष्पगिरी पहुचे थे प्राप्त जानकारी के अनुसार आचार्य श्री को गुरुवार को हल्का हृदयाघात हुआ था लेकिन साधू धर्म के चलते उन्होंने उपचार लेने से मना कर दिया था आज स्वास्थ्य बिगड़ने पर भक्तो ने उनके प्राथमिक उपचार की व्यवस्था की थी लेकिन समाधी लींन होकर अन्तत: उन्होंने देह त्याग कर दिया आचार्य श्री का अंतिम सस्कार शनिवार को पुष्प गिरी में ही होगा
इस समाचार से जैन समाज सहित सभी धर्मानुयायियो में गहरा दुःख व्याप्त है

Shree 1008 Siddhachakra Mahamandal Vidhan
Where : New Delhi
Date : 8 March to 16 March 2014
Time : 6:30 AM

केंद्र सरकार ने जैन समाज को केंद्रीय स्तर पर अल्पसंख्यक घोषित कर के एक ऐतिहासिक फैसला लिया है और जैनों को उनके मौलिक अधिकारों से जिससे वे शुरू से ही वंचित थे ,पूर्ण बना दिया है |इस ऐतिहासिक फैसले को लेकर जहाँ एक तरफ जैन समाज में चारों तरफ खुशी की लहर व्याप्त है वहीँ दूसरी तरफ कुछ संगठनों में और राजनैतिक पार्टियों में अंदर ही अंदर आक्रोश भी दिखाई दे रहा है | हमारे कुछ एक मित्र जिनमें जैन भी है और अन्य भी मुझे फोन करके कई तरह के प्रश्न कर रहे हैं |हो सकता है ऐसे प्रश्न आप सभी को भी आंदोलित कर रहे हों |मैंने उनके प्रश्नों के जबाब अपनी समझ से जो दिए वो मैं यहाँ प्रस्तुत कर रहा हूँ

The reaction of many people to the granting of the minority status to Jains by the Central Government is akin to the reaction of this farmer if the expectation is of Jains getting some extraordinary privilege due to the minority status.

Union cabinet in a cabinet meeting approved minority to jain community at national level after 2 decades.

Haveri, Karnatak, Shree 1008 Neminathswami Temple - Panchakalyan Pratishta Mahothsav
Tuesday, February 11 thru Thursday, Feb 13th.

Jains to be in list of minority communities, Govt set to unveil Equal Opportunity Commission

Minority Affairs Minister K Rahman Khan has said in an interview that the Jain community will be added to the list of national minority communities in India and the government will be including it in the Equal Opportunity Commission.

Panchakalyan Prathista Mahothsav

Date : 20/01/2014 – 22/01/2014

Ravinder Jain and Purshottam Jain felicitated for translating Jain scriptures into Punjabi.

Jain World Foundation USA is pleased to announce the 2012 Jewels of Jain World Award. This award, announced on Diwali day of 2013 is conferred on:

Prof. Dr. Padmanabha Jaini USA, Dr. Hukumchand Bharill India, Dr Hampa Nagarajaiah India, Dr Peter Flügel UK, Prof. Dr. Sagarmal Jain India

इन्टरनेट पर गैरकानूनी रूप से 11वीं सदी की भगवान पार्श्वनाथ की प्रतिमा की नीलामी द्वारा विक्री और मूडबद्री की चोरी की सी. बी. आई. जांच शुरू न होने से जैन समाज में रोष

Intimation letter of Samaysar Tatparyavritti granth prakashan program.

Its really sad that ignorantly or knowingly at times , Jain community and its sentiments are hurted . So an able clarification is provided here from a basic jain layman.

No peacock is technically required to be harmed for deriving Peacock feathers for mor picchi , Nor any Sheep is required to be harmed for deriving wool for katashna / ogha . Our earlier enlightened Jain Saints have always taken care to protect even smallest insects and organisms.

Sydney Jain Mandal (SJM) has undertaken a project to build Jain Education Centre/Jinalay in Sydney, Australia. The centre will be focal point of promoting Jain principles and provide a social platform for people following Jain principles.

विश्व अहिंसा दिवस, महात्मा गाँधी जयंती पर आचार्य श्री ज्ञानसागर जी मुनिराज के सानिध्य में 2 अक्टूबर 2013 को विशाल अहिंसा यात्रा व अहिंसा सम्मेलन

गुरूणाम गुरू आचार्य श्री ज्ञानसागर जी महाराज जी के डाक टिकट का विमोचन आचार्य श्री विद्यासागर महाराज जी के ससंघ सानिध्य में रामटेक में हुआ।

वन मंत्रालय द्वारा वन्य जीव संरक्षण अधिनियम,1972 में संशोधन करके राज्य सभा में दिनांक 5 अगस्त 2013 को बिल न. 31 प्रस्तुत किया गया! इस बिल के अनुछेद 51 व 51ए के अंतर्गत वन्य जीव संरक्षण अधिनियम की अनुसूची-I के अंतर्गत मोर संरक्षित होने के कारण मोर पंख के खरीदने, बेचने, हस्तांतरित करने, व्यापार करने और बेचने हेतु प्रदर्शित करना जुर्म माना गया है और ऐसा करने पर सजा के तौर पर 7 साल तक की कैद और 15 लाख रूपये तक का जुर्माने का प्रावधान किया गया है, परन्तु इस बिल में मोर पंख का धार्मिक उपयोग हेतु छूट का कोई प्रावधान नहीं रखा गया है!

Smt Kanchanbai Kesarimalji Bhandari Charitable Trust is organising navanu yatra at palitana from 17-11-2013. All jains are invited to join and for detail visit www.girirajnavanu.com

Below are details related to Rajat Diksha Mahotsav to be help at Jambudweep, Hastinapur on 16-17 of August 2013

Diksha Poster
Diksha Card

Mangalore, Aug 6: In connection to the theft at Siddantha Darshan Mandir in Guru Basadi, Moodbidri, police have a jeweller from Durg in Chattisgarh. The arrested is identified as Rajaji Subhash Santati (47). He was arrested by Mangalore police on Sunday August 4. The accused has been produced in the court and sent to police custody till August 14. He was arrested by the police for purchasing stolen idols from the accused.Prime accused Santhosh Das who was arrested earlier had sold the idols to Subhash.

Dear Friends,
Due to budget cuts at SOAS, specialised courses with less than 10 students per year such as our flagship Introduction to Prakrit (Jain Maharashtri) taught by Professor Emeritus JC Wright are threatened to be culled.
Thanks to generous donations of members of this CoJS mailing list in 2011 we were able to keep the course in Jaina Maharashtri  going in the last two academic years. Jaina Prakrit is indispensable for students studying Jaina Scriptures in the original.

Below are the are clippings from Punjab Kesari, Delhi and Hindusthan regarding the Minority Status

Hindusthan, Delhi
Punjab Kesari, Delhi

Please find attached a brochure of M.A in Jainlogy degree course being offered by University of Madras, Chennai, India. Dr. Priya is the HOD of the department.

Click here to view the brochure

May 27, 2013, Claremont, California. Claremont Lincoln University ( CLU) announced the appointment of Dr. Brianne Donaldson as the first Asst. Professor and Director of the Center for Jain Studies at CLU. This is a very exciting news. Dr. Donaldson, scholar of the spiritual traditions of India, philosopher, and activist..

Jain Milan 2013
Venue: Jain Center of New Jersey (JCNJ)  111 Cedar Grove Lane, Somerset, NJ 08873
August 23rd, 24th and 25th, 2013
It is Jain Milan Time for Singles to mingle... 3 days of fun, food & networking for one Low price.
Register early before price goes up. To find answer to your question first visit www.jainmilan.org
Call Gunvant Shah 732-253-7049 only if you cannot find answer

Times of India Published an Article about Our census on 24/05/2013,Thanks to Dr,N.K.Ajitha Doss and Mr.Saju,TOI for the initiative.

Jain Center of America (JCA) has planned an intensive JAIN Academic Lecture Series at Shri Siddhachalam Jain Tirth from Friday - June 28, 2013 to Sunday - June 30, 2013. The JCA Academic Series is limited to the First 75 Attendees Only on a first-serve basis.

एत्मादपुर (आगरा, उप्र ) में कल शाम पूज्य उपा. श्री निर्भय सागर जी महाराज (ससंघ) पर हमला करने वालो में से 4 लोगो को पकड़ लिया गया है! मुख्य 2 आरोपी अभी भी फरार है! रात में जैन समाज ने पुलिस को 12 घंटे के अन्दर मुख्य आरोपी को पकड़ने का अल्टिमेटम दिया है!

पूज्य उपा. श्री निर्भय सागर जी महाराज (ससंघ) के विहार में साथ चल रहे जैन समाज के 4 लोगो को ज्यादा चोट आई है! उपा. श्री ठीक है और एत्मादपुर में ही विराजमान है!

पंजाब सरकार द्वारा भगवान महावीर के जन्म-कल्याणक के पावन अवसर पर जैन समाज को पंजाब राज्य अल्पसंख्यक आयोग अधिनियम, 2012 के अंतर्गत अल्पसंख्यक घोषित किये जाने से सम्पूर्ण जैन समाज में हर्ष की लहर दौड़ गयी!

विश्व जैन संगठन पिछले कई वर्षों से पंजाब सरकार से कागजी कार्यवाही कर रहा था और पंजाब सरकार को जैन समाज को अल्पसंख्यक घोषित करने में जरुरी दस्तावेज जिनमे उच्चतम न्यायालय के निर्णयों, सूचना के अधिकार के तहत प्राप्त सूचनायों को उपलब्ध कराया!

Noted playback singer Sanjeevani Bhelande who has the distinct accomplishment as the first ever winner of Zee TV’s Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge in 1995, was back in Atlanta for the fabulous sold-out concert themed ‘Swar Sanjeevani’ on Saturday, March 16, 2013 and attended by over 400 people

To celebrate 150th Birth Anniversary of Shri Vir Chand Raghav Ji Gandhi a program will be organized in India's Parliament House Premises in the auspicious presence of Acharya Dr. Lokesh Muni and distinguished guests.

E-Mail: [email protected]

Jain Society of Toronto Inc. announced recently that it will build a new Cultural Centre and Shikharbandhi Temple. Located in a mega retail zone, over four acres of prime land it will be a centre of excellence and inspiration for the Jain youth and generations to come.

Thousands of devotees witnessed Mahamastakabhishek, rituals during Panchakalyanotsav held at Bahubali Basadi located at Siddagiri in Shirlalu village near here, on February 18.

A rare Jain rock bed with rock carvings of 'Yantras' was excavated on top of Mottamalai in Narapakkam village near Chengalpet recently.

Did you know??. That the respective State Commissions for Minorities, announce scholarships for students from Minority Communities about this time of the year. Therefore, All Jain students are advised to lookup the websites of their respective State Commission for Minorities for announcements. Ensure: That your school leaving certificate carries 'Religion- Jain' !!! or you have an affidavit stating the same.

Dr. Mona Jain was presented a "Founding Member Award" for her involvement with the United Negro College Fund for nearly 30 years. Dr. Mona Jain, who was born in India is also on the Florida Commission on the Status of Women. According to Dr. Mona Jain "When you have your education, no one can steal it. I feel wonderful about the United Negro College Fund. We have made great strides over the years, but we always need more."

Vichara Patta Kshullakha Sri Manikya Keerthiji will be the next Bhattarakha of Sri Bhattakalanka Peetha of Sri Digambar Jain Mutt, Sonda (also called as Swadi in Uttara Kannada District, Karnataka).

Prof Sudhir K. Jain, presently Professor and former Head of the Department of Management Studies, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, has been appointed as the new Vice Chancellor of the Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University, Katra.

प्राकृत भाषा भारत की एक प्राचीन और समृद्ध भाषा है, लाखों प्राचीन साहित्य इस भाषा में लिखा गया, हमारी लगभग सभी भारतीय भाषाएं प्राकृत से उत्पन्न हुई हैं.अशोक के अभिलेख भी इस भाषा में हैं.किन्तु आश्चर्य की बात है कि हम भारत की इस भाषा से अपरिचित जैसे ही हैं, हम इस भाषा को सीखें ...सीख नहीं सकते तो कम से कम इसका परिचय तो कर लें

Dr. Shalin Jain, Assistant Professor in the Department of History at the University of Delhi (India), has been awarded the prestigious Raman Fellowship for Post Doctoral Research for Indian Scholars in the United States by the University Grants Commission (Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India) to spend six months as a Post Doctoral Fellow at the Center for Jain Studies at Claremont Lincoln University in the fall of 2013. Dr. Jain specializes in Medieval Jain history, with special focus on ecology and the environment, and will pursue research on Contemporary Environmental Concerns and Medieval Religious Communities during his time at Claremont Lincoln.

Acharya Atma Ram Memorial Lecture was held in Punjabi University, Patiala Senate Hall on 22nd January 2013. Guru Gobind Singh Department of Religious Studies arranged the lecture with the financial help of AKHIL BHARATVARSHIYA SHWETAMBAR STHANAKVASI JAIN SHRAMAN SANGHIYA SHRAVAK SAMITI (REGD.) DELHI-7. The Pervasiveness of the Shramana Culture ’ was the main topic of the lecture delivered by Professor Raja Ram Jain. Dr Jaspal Singh, Vice-Chancellor of the Punjabi University, Patiala inaugurated the program. The Vice-Chancellor while inaugurating expressed his great satisfaction on organizing such a lectures relating to spiritual and moral values by the Department of Religious Studies. He quoted Gurbani emphasizing diversity among the people of the world but also underlying unity in human race. He said religion is basically established on the ground of compassion.

With the great success of ‘Online Certificate Course For Jain Studies’, Jambudweep-Hastinapur have now started various Degree Courses in Jainology for widening your knowledge in the field of this unique philosophy of the world at your own place only.

Dr. Prof Jagdish Sheth felicitated by Narendra Modi

Click here to see the press release.

15th Jaina Studies Workshop at SOAS The 13th Annual Jain Lecture Thursday, 21st March 2013 18.00-19.30 SOAS, Brunei Gallery Lecture Theatre Workshop Friday, 22nd March 2011, SOAS, Brunei Gallery Lecture Theatre

Kindly sign the petition Demanding President to provide Securities to Jain's Heritages and Sadhus... . and get more people to sign it. This petition has come after attack on a Muni Maharaj Ji in Girnar.

In many cities like Banglore, Pune, Delhi etc people have come out on road to protest against this.

These petition make a difference.

Kindly help.

Date : 19-Jan-2013 to 21-Jan-2013

जैन मुनि पर हमले के विरोध में आक्रोशित हुआ समाज

आरोपियों पर कड़ी कार्रवाई एवं जैन मुनियों के सुरक्षा की मांग

जगदलपुर, 02 जनवरी। भारतवर्ष के गुजरात स्थित प्रमुख जैन तीर्थ गिरनारजी पर्वत पर कल देर शाम असामाजिक तत्वों द्वारा जैन मुनि श्री प्रबलसागरजी पर हुए हमले के विरोध में समूचे बस्तर के जैन धर्मावलम्बियों में आक्रोश गहरा गया है। हमलावरों पर कड़ी कार्रवाई एवं जैन मुनियों की सुरक्षा की मांग को लेकर बस्तर संभाग जैन समाज द्वारा आज एक आपात बैठक आयोजित कर हमले की तीव्र भत्र्सना की गयी।

Mangalore, December 22, 2012,(DHNS): The panchakalyana religious rituals of the renovated Doddabasadi situated at Aladangadi were held between December 26 and 30. According to the Jain Agama Shastra, this Jain temple on the banks of Phalguni river was built 825 years ago by Queen Madhurakka Devi and her son Rayakumara. Timmannarasa Dr Padma Prasad Ajila is the present hereditory managing trustee of the temple.

A 13 year old boy visits Acharya Mahasharman in Kantalia (Rajasthan). A modest 5 minute interaction with 11th Acharya of the Jain Shwetambar Terapant Sect inspires the teenager eager to become a Jain Sanyasi (monk). When a community programme is organized by a local Jain community in Gulbarga (Karnataka) to felicitate the future monk, it is FORCIBLY cancelled by officials, who say that decision was in “violation” of the Juvenile Justice Act, 2000.

Bhaktamar storta rachiyata Shri Mantungacharya ki pavan dhar nagari me Mantunggiri ke praneta,Gujarat sant kesari 108 Acharya Shri Bharat Sagarji maharaj sasang ke sanidhya me shri 1008 Adinath Bhagwan ka 12 varsh pashchat bhavya etihasik 1008 kalshon se mahamastkabhishek mahotsav dinank:-08/02/2013 se 10/02/2013 tak

In the spirit of Christmas comes the opportunity to give back and share the joy with one another. The Young Jains of Nairobi organised a fabulous film show at the Westgate Shopping Mall and thereafter lunch at the SSD Temple in conjunction with the Rotary Club last Saturday.

Bharatavarsha Digamber Jain Teerth Committe praised Acharya Mahashraman. Acharya Mahashraman in his address told that Jain heritage protection regime is the important thing. Acharya Tulsi and Acharya Mahaprajna had its contemplation. Jain has a wealth of knowledge to the rule. Jain Vidya Jain institutions should be studied as possible.

Claremont Lincoln University in Claremont, California, USA has embarked on a very unique and significantly important research project to study the role of Jains caught in the riots of partition of India in 1947 when in the name of religion, humanity had gone mad and there was murder, looting, raping , burning and torture on an unimaginable scale all around and with them

Around 5,000 Jains took out a rally from Panchratna building to Azad Maidan on Monday to put pressure on the state government to speed up the process of implementing the Gauvansh Vadh Pratibandh Bill to stop the slaughter of cows.

Several recent incidents have upset the Jain community for which Bangalore Jains seek police protection for Digambara Munis

Giridih police on Friday arrested a woman on the charges of killing the general manager of Bharat Varshiya Digambar Jain Tirth Kshetra Samiti, P C Sharma, at Madhuban in Pirtand on October 7 morning.

We look forward to assist all Jain Organisations, Trusts, Institutions to enable them Empower Education by extending all possible assistance to them to encourage their students obtain Education Loans thru Banks! For details please ask the student / parents to log on to www.jelp.org.in or email at [email protected] The details of various other Organisations of similar line of activities are also available on our site and the data is growing. If you wish to add to those contact details pls email us the details at [email protected] These details would be available for access to students at the following link: http://www.jelp.org.in/OtherLink.aspx

At the initiative of Sadhvi Maitri Ratna Shriji, around 12,000 old Jain idols and 111 temples of the city were recently washed and cleaned in just one day by 10,000 devotees who had volunteered for the job. This is the first time that cleaning of temples on such a scale and with the participation of so many people had taken place. The temples with their idols located in the old city had fallen into a state of neglect. Moved by their condition, Sadhvi Maitri Ratna Shriji resolved to have them cleaned. She announced her wish to have the neglected temples cleaned and restored by youths and Jain devotees of the city.

“Vansh ka ansh Paramhans ho ye jaroori nahi, Kans bhi ho sakta hai…” (It is not necessary that your heir will be an enlightened soul, he can be someone like Kans, (the evil uncle of lord Krishna too). — With this Kadve Pravachan, Muni Tarunsagar, who is well-known for his bitter but popular oratory style, inaugurated his Rakshabandhan festival.

Jain Society of Greater Atlanta celebrates Das-Lakshana Maha-Parva under spiritual guidance of Brahmcharini Dr. Sneha Rani Jain from Sept 20 2012 to Sept 30th 2012

A petition has been filed in the Supreme Court seeking elucidation of the rights of minorities and the reconstruction of Jain Mandir, which was demolished in 1992 after Hindu extremists tore down the Babri Masjid in India.

Petitioners Pir Ali Imran Sahir Israpheel, Syed Shamhurash Rizwanul Murtaza and Barrister Muhammad Javed Iqbal Jaafri submitted that they had written several applications to government officials over the last 35 years asking that the area known as Jain Mandir along Lytton Road be cleared of illegal occupants, but they had been ignored.

Jain Daslakshan Parva or the Festival of ten virtues is the Paryushan festival celebrated by the Digambar Jains annually for self-purification and uplift.

This year Dash Lakshan Parva will be celebrated from Wednesday, September 19, 2012 to Friday, September 28, 2012 for a ten days period followed by Kshamapana day on Saturday 29, 2012. This parva ultimately leads the soul to its true destination of ultimate happiness and freedom i.e., niravana or salvation. All Digambar jains celebrate the Dash Lakshan Parva religiously, enthusiastically and devotedly.

Two weeks ago , Claremont Lincoln University in Claremont, Claremont, California, USA , hosted the first -- “Claremont Lincoln Jain conference on Bioethics Religious and Spiritual Approaches”. It was a well planned, managed and attended conference.

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Click here for September Edition of JINWANI

Jain statue vandalised by the vandals in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh INDIA

Swasti Shri Charukeerti Bhattarakji of Moodbidri visited Atlanta Jain Temple during weekend of August 2012 and had a very eventful weekend including his lectures. Sthapana of Shri Adinath Bhagawan and Shri Siddha Bhagawan Murtis, and Laghu Siddha Chakra Vidhaan in Shri 1008 Mahaveer Swami Digambar Temple. Since Year 2008 Pratishta, this is the biggest event here.

The First International Jain Conference on Bioethics titled” Religious and Spiritual Approaches” will be held on August 24-25, 2013 at Claremont Lincoln University, in Claremont, California ( suburb of Los Angeles).

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In order that people in various parts of the North America can attend the Paryushana festival at your center with scholar at their choice, and for use and information for our community attached is the list of scholars based on the input from centers and scholars.

Below are few photo's of felicitation and the news article

Sri Nirmalji Sethi - 1
Sri Nirmalji Sethi - 2
Sri Nirmalji Sethi - 3
Sri Nirmalji Sethi - 4

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The Pilgrimage Committee of JAINA is pleased to announce 2013 JAINA Yatra to Shri Shikharji and nearby Teerths.

The Yatra will start from New Delhi on January 18, 2013 and will end in Kolkata on February 3.

आचार्य श्री विद्यासागर महाराज जी के आज्ञानुवर्ती शिष्य मुनि पुंगव श्री सुधासागर महाराज जी का वर्षायोग 2012 धार्मिक नगर ललितपुर (उत्तर प्रदेश) में क्षेत्रपाल जी मंदिर में 20 वर्ष बाद हो रहा है | इसके पूर्व में सन 1991 एवं 1993 में चातुर्मास हो चूका है |

The JCOCO’s new Temple pratishtha mahotsav activities were performed and celebrated for the first Jain temple in Columbus metropolitan area, in Ohio on July 20, 21,22, 23 2012 with great enthusiasm, success, and enriched participation by Jains as well as Non-Jains.

A brand new Jain temple opened its doors with very colorful ceremonies spread over several days. A large number Jains from various parts of USA, Canada and India participated in the pratishtha ceremonies

A 200-year-old ancient idol of Jain Tirthankara Parshwnath was today recovered from a person in Palasia area here, police said. One Imran and his friend allegedly stole the idol from Jain Parshwnath temple in Tikamgarh, Madhya Pradesh in 2010.

Anshuman Jain is set to take charge of Deutsche Bank on June 1. He will be taking over from Josef Ackermann, one of Europe's most powerful bankers.

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I recently tried to suggest a Pakistani newspaper Express Tribune (it is associated with New York Times' International Herald Tribune) to do a report on the recent 200th anniversery of the Godiji Parshwanath Temple in Bombay.

They however asked me write the article.

You can see it here

Looking for a Jain or vegan woodworking glue.
Do you know of any source for such a glue?
Thank you so much for any help or suggestions you might have.
Contact me at [email protected]
Aimee Cavenecia

Siddhantchakravarti param pujya shwetpichhacharya shri vidyanandji muniraj ke 50th muni dikasha divas ke uplakshya mein Swarna jayanti varsha mahotsav and Pujya upadhaya shri pragyasagar ji muniraj ka elacharya padarohan samaroh

Place : Tyagraj Stadium,near Delhi vikas sadan I.N.A
Time : 29th July 2012, 10 A.M

You are invited to Felicitation of Padmabhushan D. Veerendra Heggade of Dharmasthal by Pune Jains on Friday 4th May 2012 8.30 AM at HND Jain Boarding, Model Colony, Shivaji Nagar, Pune 16. Chief Guests: Kallappanna Awade, Ex MP and Minister; Ravasaheb Patil, President Dakshin Bharat Jain Sabha; Sukhamal Chandra Jain, President, ABD Jain Mahasamiti, Delhi.

India Post has issue a 5/- stamp on Godi Parasnath Temple, a famous Jain Temple situated at Pydhonie, Mumbai on 17th april 2012. Hon. Min .of State for Comm. & IT Milind Deora released this stamp in a grand function at Mumbai. Scanned image of the stamp and release function are attached.

Up Parivartini Jain nun shri rajkumari ji maharaj completed her santhara on 10 April at jain sthanak sec 15. She was desciple of sthnakwasi jain nun santhra sadhki up parvartini jain jyoti inspirer of punjabi jain litrature sadhvi sri swaarnkanta ji maharaj. She took santhra with blessing of jain achraya smarat Dr. Shiv muni ji maharaj and with the help of sri sangh panchkula. On 11 April entire jain community gathered for her last darshan, on 12th April big gathering came for her last cremation ceremony. All sri jain sangh and individuals came in thousands,big procession began from jain sthanak and ended at sri jinader gurukul a total distance of 4 k.m with bands. Sangh paid their homage with shawal,sandelwood,coconut and ghee and other material used for last ceremony according to jain tradition.

चंद्रगिरी डोंगरगढ़ छत्तीसगढ़ में पर्वत पर विराजमान होने वाली 20 फीट की प्रतिमा चन्द्र प्रभु भगवान् की जिस पाषाण की बनना है वह पाषाण विर्जोलिया से 40 कि. मी. दूर निकलकर विर्जोलिया (राजस्थान) से वाहन के द्वारा रवाना होगा उसके साथ फाइबर का 10 फीट का माडल भी आएगा ! वह वाहन प्रति दिन 20 कि. मी. चलेगा और गुना, भोपाल आदि से होकर फोर लाइन रोड से आयेगा लगभग 20 दिन के अन्दर आने कि सम्भावना है ! वहाँ जयश्री आयल मिल दुर्ग, अशोक चावल जबलपुर, किशोर जैन डोंगरगढ़ आदि पहुच गए है ! आप सभी से निवेदन है की दिनांक 07 -04 -2012 से 27 -04 -2012 तक विशेष "बड़े बाबा की जाप करें आप" ! शांति धारा एवं अभिषेक का अवसर कुण्डलपुर में विशेष कार्यक्रम में दिया जायेगा !

up parvartini sadhvi shri rajkumari ji maharaj has taken santhara here in panchkula,haryana on April 7th 2012.

All shravak and shravika's can get her darshan at panchkula jain sthanak

भगवती आराधना ग्रन्थ का वाचन करते हुए दिगम्बर जैनाचार्य श्री विद्यासागर जी महाराज ने कहा की रस्सी के द्वारा पत्थर पर भी निशान पड़ जाते है

A nearly three-decade-old Jain temple in the heart of Bokaro steel city was robbed of three ashtadhatu idols and 13 silver parasols approximately valued at around Rs 12 lakh in the small hours of Thursday. The daring incident is a grim reminder of the desecration of idol and theft at the centuries-old Rajrappa temple in Ramgarh district, which triggered a wave of resentment and security tizzy in the state in July 2010.

Below are few photos & text matter of a Shibir held by Jain Acharya Vijay Ratna Sundesurishwarji MS. This shibir was organized exclusively for ladies.

The biggest ever Jain Mahotsav, organized by the Upkar Utsav Upvan Samitee is to be held from 15th March 2012 to 22nd March 2012 at Sanskar Kendra, near Paldi. The entire event is organized to celebrate Bhagwan Adinath’s birth and Diksha, Shashan Shirtaj Shree Ramchandrasurishwarji Maharaja’s ‘Diksha Shatabdi’ and to commemorate the noble deeds of Late Sheth Shree Maneklal Mohanlal and Smt. Leelavati Maneklal, as well as pay tribute to their son Sheth Shree Kumarpalbhai Maneklal Shah, who is a respected and benign personality in the Jain community, on the first anniversary of his heavenly abode.
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Sutak Patak Samadhan Vistar Mein Kya Hai

Below are few photos from Aacharya Shri Vidyasagar Ji & Muni Shri Sudha sagar Ji Milan on 24th February 2012

Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3

Panchkalyanak aur Jinabimb prathista gajarath mahotsav to be held at Ramtek from Feb 19 2012 to Mar 1 2012

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How often have been embarrassed because you could not remember names of people you met at a party or a business meeting? Have you had difficulty recalling birthdates of your children? What would you give to have a better memory? While most people can remember 8 or 10 events sequentially, ancient Jain literature is replete with references to Jain scholars and sadhu bhagvants called SHATAVDHANIS demonstrating their ability to remember 100 things or more - a talent acquired by deep meditation or power of pure soul. Such achievements were demonstrated among other historical figures by Shrimad Rajchandra Ji in 1887 and by Shri Dhirajlal Tokershi Shah in 1957.

On 12th February 2012 at Thirumalai-Arhanthagiri a grand solemn function - festival was celebrated.

It was 3 in one Vizha
1.It is the 14th year of service by our Sri Dhavalakeerthi Swamiji as Head of Sri Arhanthagiri Digamber jain mutt-Thirumalai-Polur taluk, Tamilnadu
2.it is the sixth year of prathishta of Panchakula devi temple.
3. honoring people who dedicated themselves for the cause of Ahimsa dharma and for the welfare of the community

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मुनि श्री सुधा सागर जी महाराज 17 फरवरी 2012 का छिंदवाडा से गमन हो गया है और मुनि श्री सुधासागर जी महाराज का 19 feb 2012 को रामटेक (महारास्ट्र) में आचार्य श्री विद्यासागर जी से मिलन होगा !

Muni Shri Sudhasagar Ji Maharaj to meet Aacharya Shri Vidyasagar Ji after 20 years on 19th Feb 2012 in Ramtake(Maharastra).

For the very first time in south india construction of a bhavya teerth

Aacharya Shri Vidyasagar Ji Maharaj ka sasangh gaman Dhamtari se Dongargaon ke liye ho gaya hai

It has often been seen that those settled away from homelands feel the need to connect with roots, religion and culture more intensely. So, it shouldn't surprise one to know that apparently the best online resource on Jainism recently was conceived in London, UK.

An antique idol of Lord Mahavira placed in the Shri Digambar Jain Lal Mandir at Chandani Chowk, one of the oldest temples in the city, has been the subject of a legal battle for the past four years and now it is going to be produced before a trial court next month.

Few Pictures of the Pattabhisheka Mahotsava of His Holiness Swasti Sri Dharmakeerthi Swamiji as the new Bhattarakha to Humcha Jain Mutt's

The University of North Texas in Denton has opened an all-vegan full-service campus cafeteria that may be the first in the nation and is proving immensely popular. Lines snake out the door. University officials are finding many of the students who eat there are not vegans but simply want to eat healthy meals.

Jain temples are core of our spirituality and symbol of our culture, values and beliefs. Please contribute to save one of our own Jain Temple. No amount is small and as united Jain community we have great strength. Let us all help out.

आचार्यश्री विद्यासागर जी महाराज, ससंघ के सानिध्य में चंद्रगिरी पर्वत पर त्रिदिवसीय विधान एवं मन्दिर का शिलान्यास दिनांक 15 नवंबर से 17 नवंबर तक है एवं पिचिका परिवर्तन 17 नवम्बर को होगा . इन्द्र - इन्द्राणी के लिए न्योछावर राशी ११००/- रुपया मात्र एवं एकल हेतु ५०१/- रूपए मात्र . निःशुल्क आवास एवं भोजन की व्यवस्था है . आप सभी सादर आमंत्रित है . संपर्क करे - ०९४२५५६३१६०, ०९४२५३७३२९०, ०९४०७९०९९५०.

Pattabhisheka Mahotsava of His Holiness Swasti Sri Dharmakeerthi Swamiji as the new Bhattarakha to Humcha Jain Mutt's Paramapujya Jagadguru Swasti Sri Devendrakeerthi BhattarakhaPattacharya Mahaswamiji's seat.

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Federation of Jain Associations in North America (JAINA) is organizing a Jain Leadership conference in January 2012 at Mumbai and Delhi for Jain community globally; mutual support by providing information and follow up services subjects such as on social integration, education and health to fellow Jains.

After much persuasion with Tamil Nadu Endowment Board, the Sewa Sangam has got permission to renovate the temple. The renovation work has also started and is in full swing.

On behalf of “Sri Deepanayaga Swamy Shethra Sewa Sangam”, we would request you to kindly contribute as much as possible for this noble deed of renovating the temple.

Pritviraj Chavan, Chief Minister of Maharashtra has declared assistance of Rs. 2 Crores for Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain Chair of Shivaji University. He declared it in a function of Acharya Shantisagar's 56th death anniversary held at Kumbhoj near Bahubali in Southern Maharashtra.

A common construction site in Shantinagar society in Usmanpura drew many curious visitors morning with the sudden appearance of three eight-feet-tall Jain idols. Religious heads and residents from nearby thronged the site to perform poojas and later chalked out a plan to install them in a community hall nearby. Around 10.30 a JCB machine operator,while excavating the place,felt a huge stone underneath.

Every packaged food item in India comes with a E-number printed in small letters. To know more about what this E-Number means click here

Renowned Jain Scholar Bal Patil passed away on 7th October afternoon. He is survived by his wife, three children and two grandchildren.Bal Patil was born to Mr B.S. Patil, a Civil Judge and Mrs Champavati Patil, in a Digambara Jain family originally from Karnataka on 19 November, 1932 at Sangli, Maharashtra. He graduated with honours in English literature with German as his second language.

The Pattabhisheka Mahotsava of Vichara Patta Kshullaka Sri Dharmakeerthi Swamiji as the new pontiff of Sri Devendrakeerthi Peetha of Sri Kshetra Humcha will be held from 14th-17th November 2011.

The Gazette of India" says that bulls can no longer be used as"performing" animals. The decision comes shortly after PETA supporter Hema Malini sent a letter to Jairam Ramesh, the former Minister of Environment and Forests, in support of PETA's campaign to end jallikattu.

Vichara Patta Kshullaka Sri Dharmakeerthi Swamiji will be the new Bhattaraka of Sri Deevendrakeerthi Bhattarakha Peetha at Humcha.

You can download the entire English Pratikraman book (pdf file) and use it during Paryushan / Das-laxana celebration. The following link has the complete pdf file of the English Pratikraman.www.jainlibrary.org

Download Devotional Psalm n Songs ,e-Storehouse Jainism Devotional Music Resource

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Many Jains have served the armed forces from ancient time. History also confirms that even Jain women have worked as soldiers and Generals.

An evening session of Bhakti , mucic and rhythm in a peaceful, tranquil environment.

The Mahamastakabhisheka offering to Shri Bahubali's monolithic statue at Venur will be held from January 28 to February, 2012.

Some of the Great Men's View on Jainism
“In conclusion let me assert my conviction that Jainism is an original system, quite distinct and independent from all others; and that therefore it is of great importance for the study of philosophical thoughts and religious life in ancient India.” ‑‑ Dr. Herman Jacobi.

The first copy of "The Silent Earth", English translation of the Hindi epic poem "Mukamati" authored by Jain saint poet Acharya Vidyasagar was presented to President Pratibha Devisingh Patil at the Rashtrapati Bhavan. The epic presents the Jain religious philosophy and spirituality by making the soil (Mati) the subject matter as it is from the base clay that the potter artistically crafts the sacred pitchers worthy of worship.

Arvind Jain works as a Director of Engineering at Google. He is responsible for developing new Google products. He is also heading “Make the Web faster” initiative. He also helped establish the W3C’s Web Performance Working Group and co-chairs it. In the past, he helped build the Youtube video serving system and Googlebot.

The devotees of the Jain Samaj of Punjab have observed 69thbirth anniversary of very senior Jain Sadhvi Sudha ji in S.S. Jain Sabha, Mandigobindgarh. Sadhvi Sudha Ji is worthy disciple of Sadhvi Swarna Kanta Ji. It is the matter of pleasure that Sadhvi Pushpa ji with her disciples and Dr. Sadhvi Lavanya Yasha Ji of the Terapanth Jointly participated and celebrated the birth anniversary.


Digambar Jain sect
1. Acharya Shri Vardhman Sagar Ji Maharaj from Digambar Jain sect at Sammed Shikhar Ji, Jharkhand.
2. Acharya Shri Bharat sagar Ji Maharaj at Surat.
3. Acharya Shri Sunil Sagar Ji Maharaj with other Digambar saints, aryikas, kshullaks and Kshullakas at Borivalli (W), Mumbai.

Famous cine-starr Hema Malini has approached, Ministery of Environment, Government of India to immediately impose a ban on the bull-fight (Jallikattu) taking place regularly in various towns of Tamilnadu.

Production of the most expensive pint of milk in the UK will be expanded after Hare Krishna farmers in Aldenham agreed a deal with a Kent dairy. Ahimsa milk, costing £2.40 per litre, or £1.70 a pint, is currently produced at Bhaktivedanta Manor, in Hilfield Lane, Aldenham

Deutsche Bank has appointed Anshu Jain, 48 as Joint Chief Executive Officer, after long period of speculation.  Anshu Jain will share the responsibilities with   another board member Jürgen Fitschen.

It is a matter of pride for the entire Jain community that Shri Jinendra Kumar Jain, Vetaran Editor of 'Jinendi' news paper, devoted to all the Jain sects has been selected for "Albert Einstein Award of Excellence -2011"

A Jain Society of Metropolitan Washington fundraiser raised over $1.3 million in pledges for the construction of a new temple at the 5.35 acre facility in Beltsville, Maryland.

An 800-year-old tank in Moodbidri town, also called the Jain Kashi, recognised as a national monument by the Archaeological Survey of India has been fully restored to its 13th century glory.

This event is happening on TUES 2 AUG 2011, rather than the Monday as previous advertised.

If you’re new to Young Jains or want to introduce a friend to our big YJ family then start off by coming to one of our informal and fun social events!

Jain World Foundation USA is pleased to announce the 2010 Jewels of Jain World Award

Launch of Jain Studies program at Clayton Lincoln University on September 6, 2011.

The ninety-nine yatras will be performed under the guidance of Acharya Bhagwant and Shree Narendrabhai Nandu's group.

Deadline for signing up for the Jain Mentorship Program is in 1 week!!!  Sign up now at http://www.jaina.org/mentorship

राष्ट्रपति भवन में आयोजित सादगी भरे एक समारोह में कल हिन्दी महाकाव्य मूकमाटी के अंग्रेजी रपातंरण 'द साइलेंट अर्थ' की प्रथम प्रति भेंट की गयी।

The forth coming international seminar of Global Foundation for Humanitarian Affairs (GFHA) is scheduled for July 11th to 16th 2011.

The Jain Foundation is holding Fifth Annual Dysferlin Conference at the Doubletree Hilton Magnificent Mile in Chicago, IL, USA from July 11 through July 14.

Saturday-Sunday, June 11-12, 2011
Siddhachalam, 65 Mud Pond Road, Blairstown, New Jersey

Bhagwan 1008 Aadinatha Jain Temple being built on Mayfield Road (Mayfield and Gore Road) in Brampton


Uvasaggaharam Stotra was composed 2,100 years ago by Shree Bhadrabahu Swami, a very powerful Jain Monk.

The restoration of Mahavir Bhawan, a Jain landmark in Chandni Chowk, is being done keeping Jain architecture in mind.

Lalit Jain, 27 secured 41st position in the recently declared UPSC examination.

Ahimsa Sangh requests all animal lovers, animal activists and believers of Ahimsa to come forward against this barbaric act of UP Govt

Dr Navin Shah's article "The Holly Trail" (April 15) misses the mark by confusing his pilgrimage with a travelogue.

Dr. Sadhvi Sadhna’s 48th initiation ceremony was celebrated at Ahimsa Paryavaran Sadhana Mandir

Padma Shri Dr. H. Sudarshan, Hon. Secretary, Vivekananda Girijana Kalyana Kendra who has also won the Right Livelihood award was conferred the Mahavir Ahimsa award by the Mahavir Seva Samsthan during the Bhagavan Mahavir Jayanti celebrations held at M.L. Vardhamanaiah Memorial Hall

Former governor of Assam and Jammu & Kashmir Lt Gen (retd) S K Sinha on Sunday appealed to the state government to consider construction of a "Civilisation Gate" on the northern side of Gandhi Maidan which would convey secular message and show Bihar's contribution to the course of history.

The Department of Religious Studies Punjabi University Patiala organised Acharya Tulsi Memorial Lecture on 14 March 2011 at 2.00 p.m. in University Senate Hall.

The installation ceremony (Pratishtha) of Shri Laxmi Vallabh Parshwanath 72 Jinalaya, claimed to be the largest Jain temple in Asia, was held at Bhinmal, a small town in Jalore district of Rajasthan on the 14th

A Muslim Assistant Commissioner of Commercial Taxes, Intaj Malek, is PhD guide to two Jain Munis, Chintan Muni and Niranjan Muni

Jain Sadhvi Shree Padmavati Ji Maharaj (1928-2011) of Stanakwasi Sect started Santhara vow on 5th February 2011, remained on Santhara for a total of 177 hours and 40 minutes before leaving for heavenly abode on 12 February 2011.

Leading Jain Sadhvi and several important Jain community leaders in Pune have questioned the widespread opposition to organ donation in the Jain community and have openly supported this life-saving medical practice, including cadaveric transplants.

A veteran scholar in Jain religion, sociologist and historian, Vilas Sangave, 92, died in the wee hours of Tuesday. He was bedridden for several days at his home in Rajrampuri area here.

Swastisri Bhattaraka Charukeerti Panditacharyavarya Swamiji of the Jain Mutt here, through a press release, has stated that minister, Dr V S Acharya, has informed him that the government has taken a decision to exempt Jains from the purview of Hindu Religious Institutions and Charitable Endowments Act.

Please read the below instructions for Jains Census 2011.
Ensure that Jangananna(census) Officials write 6 in the Column (Q.7) of the Religiion as it is the code for 'JAIN RELIGION'.
Write ‘PRAKRIT / SANSKRIT OR APBRANSH’ in Q. No. 11(Well Known Languages).
Important : Please tell your Family Members Staying at Home to be Careful while the Census guys knock at your doors.
Please take print outs of the attachments and paste in your nearby temples/sthanaks etc and promote awareness among all Jain in our touch.
In Hindi
In English

The SP Jain Institute of Management was declared winner of Genpact NASSCOM Social Innovation Honours 2011 in the category ICT led Innovative Student Concept on Tuesday at the NASSCOM India Leadership Summit 2011.

No admission at the Mahavir Model School in north Delhi if you are a non-vegetarian, smoker or even a moderate drinker. All branches of the school have made it a criterion for parents to be austerely vegetarian and also keep away from cigarettes and alcohol.

Twitter which usually trends with Justin Bieber and Sheila ki jawani, is seeing something new: 15-part stories from Jain scriptures (within the mandatory 140 characters) complete with scans of lithographs, notes on where to join Jain processions and wisdom on why a mantra must be repeated 18 times a day.

Two thousand years old antique panchaloha idols of Chandranatha and Parshwanatha were recovered by the Bhatkal police. They were stolen from Padmavathi temple (a Jain temple or Basadi) at Haduvalli village in Bhatkal taluk in August last year.

S. S. Jain Sabha Ambala, 22 November 2010, in the auspicious presence of the Sadhvi Sudha Ji, disciple of Sadhvi Swarn Kanta Ji, the 26th Lord Mahavira's Birth Kalyanak Centenary Committee presented the Pravartini Parvati Jain International Award of 2010 to Dr. Peter Fugel who is Professor in Jainism on Jain Chair in the Department of Religious Studies, faculty of humanities London University, London.

Late L.C.Jain (Delhi) has been awarded the prestigious Padma Vibhushan, while Dr. Pukhraj Bafna (Chhatis Garh) has been awarded Padma Shri.

It is not just the historic Sultan Bazar which will become history if the proposed metro route is executed but also religious facets of this market. Between the half kilometre stretch of Andhra Bank crossroads to Kachiguda, there are nearly 10 important religious structures, more than 100 years old.

A Jain monk on a Mumbai-Rajkot padyatra was given police protection after community sources said he received naxal threats. The valsad district police was given the responsibility to provide security to Namra Muni, 40, when he reached Vapi in south Gujarat on Saturday morning.

Jain Society of Houston Welcomes you all for the 16th JAINA Convention from July 1 - 4 2011
Come and Enjoy with Family and Friends…

Sadhvi Diksha for Four Samaniji will be held at Rajaldesar, Rajasthan, India on 6th Feb 2011 Samani Mangal Pragya ji, Samani Ritu Pragya ji, Samani Samprath Pragya ji Samani Vidhi Pragya ji

Pratham Ganini Dnyanmati matajin ke karkamalo dwara Jinagam Pratiyogita 2011 pustika ka vimochan Jambudweep Hastinapur main honewala hain.Mahaveer Jayanti se mahaveer nirwan tak Pratiyogita ka kalawadhi rakha gaya hai.Jo bhi shrawak/shrawika es pratiyogita main sahbhag lena chahte hain to Rs.25 ka Money order niche diye hue pate par kare-
Bahubali Kshetra Digambr Jain Endoment Trust,Kumbhoj.Jinagam Pratiyogita,Abhishek Patil,A/p-Bahubali.Tal-Hatkanangle.Dist-Kolhapur.MH.416110

Aagammanishi Muni Shri Dulharaj was very close to Acharya Mahaprajna.
He was engaged in the editing of Acharya Mahaprajna's writings. For a rather long period it seemed both of them used every free minute for transforming truth into literature.

from Sardarshahar to Rajaldesar, Rajasthan, India

The Union government is working out a formula for ensuring national minority status for the Jain community, Union Law Minister M.Veerappa Moily said here on Saturday

Indefinite postponement of the most timely-conceived all “Sthanakwasi Swetambar Jain Saint’s Conclave” proposed to be held after 23 years at Delhi is a unpardonable set back for the entire Jain Swetambar Sthanakwasi Sect. Acharya Shri Dr. Shiv Muni had proposed to hold all saints meet at Delhi in 2011 after a lapse of almost 23 years.