Jain Food

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The Jain Guide to Food & Other Non-Jain Products


Jain Food



Silver Foil

Cheese including Vegetarian Society Information Sheet

List of Foods that are not Jain

New Ingredients

Vegetarian Gelling Agents (Vegetarian Society Info. Sheet)

Reading Labels

Soft Drinks and Gelatine (Vegetarian Society Info. Sheet)

Ice Cream (Frozen Assets - Vegetarian Society)

Chocolate (Choc. Tactics Vegetarian Society)

E-Numbers (Vegetarian Society Information Sheet)

Devon Probe Casts Doubt On Vegetarian Food Claims

Glossary: Animal Ingredients and their Alternatives

Vegetarian Society Information Sheet On Clothing

Footwear and Alternatives to Leather

Cruelty Free Cosmetics & Toiletries from "The Vegetarian"

I would like to thank all those who have directly and indirectly contributed to this guide. The majority of these articles were kindly sent to the Jain Distribution list over the course of the last couple of years, so many thanks to you! A big thanks to The Vegetarian Society who have kindly given me permission for use of their articles (http://www.vegsoc.org/). Please Note that this information is copyrighted. Please visit the sites and I would also strongly recommended that you join the Vegetarian Society who will keep you updated with latest News through "The Vegetarian".

The majority of this information should be correct but I cannot guarantee it. Please verify info for yourself especially any ingredient you are unsure of, you could try writing to the company in question requesting a reply by mail. If in doubt, check it out. If any of this information is incorrect or needs to be amended please let me know. If you have any information that you feel would be useful to this guide, please mail it to me.

Jai Jinendra! Binit Nalinkumar Shah

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Version 1.2 December 1998

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