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Questions Answers from                                 
Jain Siddhant Praveshika
Courtesy of Dr. Kirit Gosalia
Call or send him email if you need further information
[email protected]
14853 N 12nd Street, Phoenix, AZ 85022


Table of content



The substance, modes and attributes.

Soulís condition due to the association with the karma (Cont.)

The substance.

Soulís quest of the true faith.

The modes.

Soulís quest of the sentience.

The attributes.

Soulís quest of the acceptance of matter.

The affirmative attributes.

Soul and the different types of the births.

Non affirmative attributes.

Soul classes according to the births.


Universe and its parts.

The karma


The types of karma bondage.

Spiritual development stages

The duration of the karma bondage.

The nature of real happiness.

The intensity of the karma bondage.

General nature of the spiritual stages.

The quantity of the particle of the karma bondage.

First spiritual development stage.

Different states of the karma.

Second spiritual development stage.

The process of relinquishment of karma.

Third spiritual development stage.

Inflow of karma and its relationship with bondage.

Fourth spiritual development stage.

Types of inflow of karma.

Fifth spiritual development stage.

Bondage of karma with different types of inflow.

Sixth spiritual development stage.


Seventh spiritual development stage.

Soulís condition due to the association with the karma

Eighth spiritual development stage.

Attitudes of the soul.

Ninth spiritual development stage.

Coloration of the soul.

Tenth spiritual development stage.

Attentive consciousness of the soul.

Eleventh spiritual development stage.

Instinct of the soul.

Twelfth spiritual development stage.

Soulís quest and its different types.

Thirteenth spiritual development stage.

Soulís quest of the realm of existence.

Fourteenth spiritual development stage.

Soulís quest of the senses.


Soulís quest of the body.

How to know a substance

Soulís quest of the psychophysical activities.


Soulís quest of the gender.

To identify a substance.

Soulís quest of the passions.

Characteristic of a substance.

Soulís quest of the knowledge.

Organ of knowledge.

Soulís quest of the restraint.

Partial point of view.

Soulís quest of the perception.

Analysis of the truth.

Soulís quest of the coloration.


Soulís quest of the suitability.